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  1. Italy -> thought they would go through.. not the hardest group... France -> after the first match i knew they wouldn't go through.. ivory coast -> hoped and thought that they would go through, cause portugal had a bad qualifier, they came number too behind denmark?... USA-> USA, England, Algeria and Slovenia.. so...
  2. Loved the comment of nicolas anelka... hehe... yeah france really dissapointed me.. no benzemah and no nasri.. wtf... they need a better coach then raymond domenech...
  3. Right now Paraguay is much better then Italy... saw the game and new zealand should have won 1-0.. the penalty should never been called...
  4. Brazil - ivory 3 - 1... thats entertainment... rant because i wanted the ivory coast to win ...
  5. soo.. when i say anything off topic in the off topic thread it means that im on topic and that means that it dosent belong in the off topic thread... so yeah we have to create an on topic thread to talk off topic... confusing
  6. i've read an article that hitler received 129% of the votes when he came to power in (i believe) 1933 thats bad manipulation...
  7. haha world of the worlds it's called War of the World...
  8. hehe, ive got 6 oral exams left my english exam tomorrow, i think im gonna get an a+(12)...
  9. love the theme... duck: http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=whattheduck&order=9&offset=24#/d16nlvv dont know where i got the cityscape from... but heres my entry: http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/983/thestrikeofducklings.png
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