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  1. Hey guys, i have made this userbar, and im not really good with coding, so i wontered if someone could make a link in the picture for me please ? Btw im not really sure if this is the place to post this, but i hope it is. Btw whats ur opinion ? xD The sign on the right side, is the clan badge.
  2. I will try this one out when I am back home. I am atm, but im going out. Looks good Edit: Lol forgot to do this. I go to schoool soon. So I gotta do it when im back from school
  3. U can allways put ur mouse to low sensitivity, then click and hold the either right or left mouse button down, and use arrow keys to move the mouse around I did that on mine:
  4. Lol, i gonna try this one after i have eaten. looks nice with preatty neat outcome
  5. To anyone who might wonder... If like u wanna make urself chrome ( like making urself like terminator or something ) u can treshold to make urself a single color. Imo that should be mentioned, or maybe even added in tut.
  6. Thx for the Backround tips ! I might try it l8er ^^ And thx I havent been on for a while u know, and i have moved, witch doesnt make it better so i wasjust going to find a pic to show to my friend when i came over this :O
  7. R3flect


    Lol random that L3ron check that 1 xD, cause i kinda used his fingerprint tut for the fingerprint at the corner wich BarbieQ dont like. I know it kinda doesnt belong, but... idk just thought it looks nice .
  8. R3flect


    @Chrisco thx, i dont wanna add something to backround cause i kinda want it 2 be clean. @Sokagirl Thx, I hope i dont lose my "skills" over time :S. So imma try to keep it up at least
  9. R3flect


    Hellu, i am kinda pleased with the look of this sig. What do u Think ? (its my curent)
  10. I REALLY love this tut, and looks like everyone else does to. Stick it ?
  11. Dude.. even my sister know that i guess. Dont say u know the basics I wanted to kinda make a bubble, so made it in red. Added a lightsource ( even though it isnt to good). Also on the shadow and highlight u can run a Gussian blur, unfocus (a blur plugin), or any blur u want, to make it look better And i changed bc colour after ive done shadow, so that is why it is kinda fail xD. Would be happy for any positive/negative critizism R3flect / uS]Slide+
  12. I dont know if it is possible, but at least I dont know how to do that xD And thanks everyone
  13. Here is my attemt. Btw I was sleepy and I am new to ANY pic editing program. I did some of steps in my own way. Edit** 2nd try: ( the next day) Edit** 3rd try: (same day as ^) This i made for a friend. Btw i love how the outcome of this kinda of pics
  14. Hm... I do not find this insulting But lulz, I am 14 yrs onld and are from Norway... Therefore i dont understand everything. I am the only one i know who are doing this in the real life, so i gotta learn me stuff all by my self. Gonna try to listen to the stuff u said But lets stay on topic
  15. Thank you very much everyone
  16. My try 1st time i tryed this, and i thought i could make something for my friends. I do not do parkour Whatchu tink ?? [Not misspelling typed like that for fun xD]
  17. 1 more thing... What is C4D ?
  18. Hm... Okay thanks for the info. And i hope i am getting better and better xD. I am at my dad's place atm, so it isnt main pc, and in 3 days or so i get a new pc And agian thx
  19. I didnt make the car myself, neither the backround, but i made it like that. I used like 4 pictures total. 1 for car, and 3 for backround. The car is in a white "room", I think that is why it looks soo real. Thx ~
  20. Yes i did it in Paint.NET And thx.
  21. This is the actuall size. As u guys might see, this is my sig too. Just resized it. So, what do u think ? What can i do to make it better ? I am new, so i need to get critizised a lil bit.
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