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Metallize (Ver 1.1 update 08/06/2009)


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Ver 1.1 update 08/06/2009

Added Drop Down List "luminosity/RGB"

Changed " Metallize" from "Adjusment"->"Metallize" to "Effect"->"photoColor"->"Metallize"(changed 2012/03/10)

Attachments Sample Image Changed


My second plugin (in this forum)

I like metal and chrome. But "Curves" is complex.

And so , I made this plugin. It's so simple , but useful.

If you like this plugin , I'm glad.



This is made by "Code Lab".

Thank you , BoltBait.

japanese page in my site


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Maybe you should mention where people can find it, I don't want another person restarting PDN 3 times and looking at all the effects 4 times just to discover he hadn't checked the adjustments.:P


History repeats itself, because nobody was paying attention the first time.

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very nice thanks for sharing your work with us.

I've tried it out quickly and find I get nice results. I did find its much better if there is lots of texture (releif) in your picture before using. also some real good results if you use textures + conditional hue saturation then the plugin.

ciao OMA

I read your comment , and , I'm so happy!!

my english is poor , I can't say well , but ,I understood your comment.

Thank you !

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Hello everybody ... :D

I'm sorry to say so but ....... I can't find this plugin anywhere in PDN Aplha Build 3.50 ... :(

I'm sure it is installed in the right place (Effects folder) but in Effects/Adjustments, I only got another plugin (called Flyswatter).

Am I the only one not to be able to use it ?

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I used your plugin in explaining how to turn someone into a golden statue:

5 easy steps

1. First, install the two plugin packs listed below.

2. Next, run Paint.NET and select the person.

3. Then, run the following Metalize plugin with the following settings: 0, 3

4. Finally, run the following Color Balance plugin with the following settings: 0, -16, -64

5. Send payment via PayPal

If I haven't said it before, I love this plugin. Nice job.

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