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  1. Curtis' last post was on Tue Nov 10, 2009. So that is a "maybe."
  2. @ Possum Roadkill Wow. that is great. Zoom blur in many layers; right?
  3. @ Oma. There is talk about the forum getting new smilies. Right now I want one with a jaw that drops to the floor. This is just eye popping good. The many details, and colure combination is excellent. And thanks to all that commented on my latest post.
  4. Thanks. It is inspired from a pinup picture of Gina Carano I searched for pinup on Google, and figured this pose was nice and “family friendly.” :wink:
  5. Don’t post here often, but i thought you may want to se this. All made in Paint.NET. Inspiration from photos and other drawings on DA. Quite fun trying to do realistic drawings in Paint.NET. Large size at my DA. http://leif-j.deviantart.com/art/Woman- ... -144845232 Canvas texture made in Artweaver 0.5
  6. Yes. Mine did. And has always done so. Backup is always a wise thing. But as i said. :wink:
  7. It shows up in the list of load errors. So my guess is you replaced it with the REQUERD dll.
  8. The way i work with Paint.NET, i often have to move the small windows around to get to the”corners” of the drawing. So I prefer them floating. F 5-6-7-8 turns them off and on. But I wouldn’t mind if there was a F key for hide / reset all.
  9. From popular feature requests. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3455
  10. Please don’t bump old treads. (It is in the rules, you know.) And for this feature it is in the “Most popular requests” viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3455
  11. No, but you can make the main window smaller and move your tools windows outside.
  12. I regret to say i have a translation. Hidden Content:
  13. MadJik’s halftone pluck-in may be of help to make the dots. Find it in his pluck-in pack. It is one of the stickied in the pluck-in section.
  14. PDN isen't a animation program "out of the box." But there is a plugin. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=28407
  15. Ahh. This works. Thank you. I did try that. But for some reason Artweaver also puts up the portable version in that list. A bit strange. I may ask about that one day in the Artweaver forum. :wink:
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