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[PdN / WIE] Sun Ray GIF Animation


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Title: Paint.net / WIE Sun Ray GIF Animation

WIE = Web Image Editors (For the curious ones)

What We Are Going To Be Making:


Ooooooh, Ahhhhhhhhh

Plugins Needed:

BoltBait's Pack

Install that. It comes with the Flame Plugin which will be needed later in the tutorial.

Don't know how to install a plugin? Click Below



1. Open Paint.NET

2. Create a New 400x130

3. Select The Gradient Tool


4. Use the Gradient in One Area of The Image and Create a New Layer. Do this about 4-5

Times, Using a Different Color Every time.






5. Double click Each Layer and Set The Layer Mode to Multiply.

http://i515.photobuc...com/albums/t356 ... ltiple.jpg

6. Now, Go to Image > Flatten -- On the Top Toolbar

That Should Merge All of The Layers Down Into 1 Layer.

7. Create A New Layer. Now, Go To Effects > Render > Flames

Make The Settings The Same As The one Shown Below.


8. Double Click The Second Layer (Flames Effect Layer) and Make the Opacity at 50.

9. Merge The Second Layer (Flame Layer) Down.

10. Download The File of The Link I'm about To Give You. The File is A Special Font. Install it to

your Computer.


Don't Know How to Install It? Click Below to View ANotehr Tutorial How to do so.


11. Go back to Paint.NET. Select The Text Tool & ALso The Font you just downloaded.

The font name is " docteur_atomic "

Now, Type The Text of your Choosing. Type it In the Color of your choosing. Select the Font Size That Looks the best.

12. Your Done with This Part, Now go to File > Save As

Name it anything you like in .png format.

13. Now, Go to File > New

Create a new 400x160


14. Go into your pictures folder and drag the image

youve made with the above part of the tutorial.

Dont even try to move it from where it automaticly

places it. KEPP IT THERE! There should be a white

space under your original image. We want that.

You will see why Later on. Now go to File>Save As

and name it another name in .png format.


Go to:


and upload the image you just created.

16. Click The Star-Burst Effect


17. Place he effect in

the top left corner and the bottom right corner.

And maybe even one in the middle if it feels right :P

18. Hit the green done button. It should render as a

.gif file and say here is the link to your animation:


http://s1a.hypah.com/ (some name here)

19. Copy that link it gives.

Go to that link.

You go to link like and see that g** watermark eh?

Good thing its in that white area because I've

got a plan to get the watermark off =]


Right Click the Image and press Save As.

Save it under any name you like. This image

should be saved in .GIF format.

20. Now, go to http://blibs.com

Upload the .GIF picture you just saved with the

hypah.com watermark in the white area.

Now, on the top toolbar go to:

Edit>Crop Image. The image may take a little time to load.

Please be patient. Now, Click on the top right of

the image and hold it and drag it all the war to the

bottom left. make sure that it is cropped in the image

and the red cropping line indicating where you

are cropping doesnt go off the image. If it does,

It wont crop right. Once it looks like its going to crop good

press the image at the top that says 'Crop Image'

It should refresh the page and show the cropped image

without the watermark of white part.

Now you are probably saying- OMFG!! YAY <3:P hehe.

Next, go to File > Save Image on the top toolbar.

Scrool down the page and you'll see your image again.

Right click the image and press 'Save Picture As'

Name the image what you like. Now, just host it on

photobucket or any other image hosting site

and you have finished! Congratulations! =]

Post your result! :P

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The link was out of date. I've edited it in the first post.

The link takes you to BoltBait's plugin pack which has a number of effects in it (including the flame one needed for this tut). :)

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