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  1. Draw Superman, Batman, and Spiderman having battle in the sky.
  2. That looks pretty cool, good job!
  3. I'm not sure about limiting the image to certain areas... but to make something look sketchy, go to Effects > Artistic > Pencil sketch and that should work fine.
  4. Or open the image, then open the other one you want. Then copy the second one, and place it into a new layer over the first image. But the second layer was to be set to overlay - or a setting which displays both of the pictures at once.
  5. http://forums.getpai...showtopic=10634 Use the search engine if you need anything.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean - but is this it? When you open an image and its in the box in the top right corner, then open another image and its in a different box in top right corner?
  7. Ohhh, ok I'll try that now... EDIT: Yay, thanks!
  8. I can't get to that part, I'm not sure what I put into the "Effects" folder. Do I put the whole folder that I downloaded from Flaming Pear, or is there a specific file that I only put in there?
  9. A folder of Photoshop plugins that I have downloaded.
  10. I dont get it.... How do I use the effects? What files do I put in the "Effects" folder, from the folder I downloaded?
  11. I got the Photoshop thing in effects, but what do I do with the effects I downloaded from Flaming Pear?
  12. Sorry, I'm slow... But how do I get this to work?
  13. Yay! Thanks dude, I might use this soon...
  14. Nothing's better than a little Dethklok - Bloodlines!
  15. This is great, thanks. Will most likely use soon.
  16. Woot, another great tutorial! Hopefully I'll use this soon.
  17. This is awesome, I could possibly use this in the future... a lot of times.
  18. This is pretty cool, could come in handy sometime.