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  1. Ohhh, ok I'll try that now... EDIT: Yay, thanks!
  2. I can't get to that part, I'm not sure what I put into the "Effects" folder. Do I put the whole folder that I downloaded from Flaming Pear, or is there a specific file that I only put in there?
  3. A folder of Photoshop plugins that I have downloaded.
  4. I dont get it.... How do I use the effects? What files do I put in the "Effects" folder, from the folder I downloaded?
  5. I got the Photoshop thing in effects, but what do I do with the effects I downloaded from Flaming Pear?
  6. Sorry, I'm slow... But how do I get this to work?
  7. Nothing's better than a little Dethklok - Bloodlines!
  8. This is great, thanks. Will most likely use soon.
  9. Woot, another great tutorial! Hopefully I'll use this soon.
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