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  1. Yes, I was confused at some points as to where the program was and what it was called. Great tutorial none the less.
  2. This is a wonderful tutorial, but is not easy based on the fact it is minimal instructions and more pictures showing you what to do. You often have no idea what effect to use because it is in German, but nonetheless, nice to know how to make decent books. Attached it my result. It seems to be aliased (pixely) around the paper, and there is a grey line at the top of my book. But, I'd still use this book of spells and potions.
  3. Okay, I got bored. This started of purple and ended being the plain colour grey, but I like the way this looks. I dunno...
  4. This took me so long to make... 18 layers overall, and resized from 2000x600. Here's my try. Didn't intend to copy you, I noticed it looked like yours afterwards.
  5. Here's my try at it. My twist layer had "additive" as a setting, so it looked a little... different.
  6. I love these. The first one is just so... different I guess, and the same with the second. I've got to go try that tutorial.
  7. Anyways, the only places the pixelization is clearly visible without looking for it is in the bottom of the photo, although I do not see why it isn't on the top.
  8. The two images (links) are: Fire: http://4.bp.blogspot...HouseFire_2.jpg Ice: http://icons-pe.wund.../bill791/15.jpg Yes, I had to do a bit of resizing. These pictures were found with the simple google searches of "fire house" and "ice house". Yes, on the top left side there is a ghost branch, which would have been somewhat easy to remove. I'll keep that in mind next time. On the left hand side there is also a floating window on fire. I guess windows can have ghosts too... There is also the obvious difference of times of day, with the ice being taken in the day and the fire being taken at night. SH Art, this is an excellant tutorial for a beginner who doesn't know what a "transparency gradient" is like me. As for your last image, it is a stunning mixture and image. The photos would be beautiful on their own.
  9. Oh, so that's what a Gradients' "transparency" mode is. Anyways, here is my result, a mix of a house covered in ice and a house burning. I think it could have been better.
  10. Oh, thanks. I didn't even know there was a real "transparency" mode, I was just using a blue and a full transparent on a Gradient. This is the first tutorial I've had trouble with that I haven't figured out myself. Anyways, here is my result. I personally think I should've been using all the Effects on Anti-Elias, but, I didn't think of it, so, it's a little pixely (if that is even a word) now. Also, there's too much white on the top and bottom, but I'm too lazy to upload it to Photobucket again.
  11. After 20 minutes, I have given up on trying to get the Gradient in step 2 to work.
  12. I don't know about you guys, but the tutorial pictures won't load for me.
  13. Cool. Now, if only I could figure out what to save the xml. as... I'm not sure if this is too big or not...
  14. The Editor is right. Other than that, I like it. Ill attach my outcomes later.
  15. Here is my go at it.... I dont follow many tutorials closely, your tutorial wasn't an exception. They're like a basic outline of tips. As you can see, I'm not great, but, it will do for now...
  16. I'm assuming you mean text with your name over the image? Get a decent size + text, on a new layer type the text (keep in mind, make the text a noticable color on the background), put the text in a very akward position as to avoid it eing edited out, and take the layer's transparency down to 75 or so. Thats how I make watermarks... Sorry If I'm not understandable, Im not good at explaining things...
  17. I get the same problem. To add onto this, I have many fonts not found on my PC using search software that appears in the fonts list and is bugged. How do I remove a font from the list? Font preview does not appear.
  18. Will use it in my next Signature.
  19. With a bit of work, here is mine; Lots of twists and bulges used here.
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