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  1. heres my shot. with a little bit of editing on the text of course
  2. can these images PLEASE be restored! or at least make a utube video.
  3. yeah i knew what the tolerence was i just couldnt get the right amout to cut it out. and THNX a lot NEMO! ur are the best
  4. yy10 and walrusworldstudios i LOVE the luigi ones! im gonna try doing another luigi one but it may look similar to yours ;D
  5. i LOVE the screaming man looks so kool how did u make it btw if so was it hard?
  6. thanks ;D BTW i love the flowerd letters they look great! are they made from pnd?
  7. Here is my attempt i think its pretty godd
  8. Thanks for that mate ur the only one that helped me
  9. hello everyone im trying to cuttout this picture of Luigi on his motorbike so i can paste it onto my 1st sig. i am always using the magic wand because i think its the quickest opition when cutting out an image, but i keep getting a white line around it when its faced up agenst my sig background. any ideas anyone?
  10. hey everyone, For the 3rd time im going to post this and hopefully in the correct place this time, and hopefully get more help than the last time. all the help i got last time was to use this :AntiAliasingOff: but i have no idea how! i would appreciate the help! BTW how can i attach the .PND file?
  11. im sorry for not posting it into the right part i couldnt find the hospital part when i created this topic. but now after i found a like im good. BTW is there anyway to move it?
  12. hi everyone, recently i made this kirby wallpaper and i recon it looks abit plain. has anyone got some tips to improve it? it could do with a bit of a touch up from u guys out there who are better than me! i would be very thankful if anyone were to help me! P.S im only new to PDN so if u give me steps i would relly apresiate it! and tell me if you want me to attach the .pdn file
  13. hi all, i recently made this wallpaper for my desktop but it looks a bit plain has anyone got any sugestions? i soo show me your results and what you did to do it! < im only new at PDN so thats why.) it be very thankfull if ya help me
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