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Gel 'Style' Browser Buttons


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


This tutorial will show you how to create Gel 'Style' web browser buttons.

Like this: 1


You will require the following plugins; click the links to download and install:


EdHarvey Effects

Drop Shadow


Start with a canvas size of 500 x 500 pixels



EFFECTS > Render > Polygon/Stars: Rot=90, Size=100, Star Depth=0, Vertices=100, Brush Width=2, Anti-Aliased=Yes.

This will render a circle the exact size of your canvas; perfectly centred.



Use the Magic Wand tool (tolerance at about 50%) to select the area inside the circle. (This area will remain selected throughout the remaining steps, except for the very last one).


Press CTRL+SHIFT+N to create a new Layer.


With your primary and secondary colours set to Black and White (default) respectively, select the Gradient tool and set it to Linear Reflected.

Right-Click just above/left of centre of the circle and drag a gradient to the bottom right corner of the canvas.



ADJUSTMENTS > Curves: and set the Luminosity like below:



EFFECTS > Distort > Lens: Amount=200, Quality=5



EFFECTS > Portrait: Soften=10, Lighting=-20, Warmth=20



Create a new layer [CTRL+SHIFT+N]. Change your Primary & Secondary colours to a Dark and Light shade of your chosen button colour; I am using Green.

On the new layer, Layer 3, select the Gradient tool again, this time changing it to Radial.

Right-Click just inside the bottom of the selected circle and drag your gradient up to the top.



Still on Layer 3, press CTRL+SHIFT+Z to go to LAYERS > Rotate/Zoom.

Adjust the Zoom level on the layer to 0.90x



Press F4 to access the layer properties for Layer 3 and change the Opacity to 200 (you can adjust this yourself for the best outcome with your chosen colour).



For the finishing touches, delete the background layer (you no longer need this).

Select Layer 2 and EFFECTS > Blurs > Radial Blur: Amount=5pts

Select Layer 3 and repeat the Radial Blur (press CTRL+F, to repeat last Effect).

Finally, still on Layer 3, press CRTL+D to deselect the circle area: EFFECTS > Drop Shadow: x=0, y=0, Blur=3, Colour=Black.

Press CTRL+F and repeat the shadow, twice.


You are now free to deposit whatever controls or text you like on the button; also try some different colours.




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good tutorial!


Whoa! Somebody must have gotten really injured if they had to send in three ambulances! But at least the paramedics liked the tutorial... :wink: lol

"The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Weighted Companion Cube will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak." — GLaDOS

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Next time try saving as a PNG. Since GIF files can have a maximum pallete size of 256 colors, when there are more colors the program automatically dithers, making it look less professional-looking.


The God of Judgement is not pleased...

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