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  1. That wasn't me. It was my brain-dead roomie, who will never use my computer again. :evil:
  2. The bars are barcode for, you guessed it, "Cornipsus"!
  3. His name is Harry, short for Harriet, I presume.
  4. Whilst the image is good, recieving a 0.8, the text is not. You post not only a quote from the bible, which all other religions do not hold holy, but also a phrase indicating that standing up for God makes you superior, and encouraging those who also feel superior because of being christian to put that prase in their signature as well. Overall, your signature block recieves a 0.3 for being biased against those who are not of the christian faith.
  5. For those who are easily offended by religous references, please, do not read the following. Hidden Content: Stop putting religous references in your signature! Not everyone is christian! That means you, MIX_M@N!
  6. Is that really a 1/10 or a 10/10 typo? @thirdstreetito: really basic, but it does the job, and looks good. 7/10 10/10 is equal to 1.
  7. Well, unless you like playing chess and Railroad Tycoon all day, Mac OSX is not the OS for you.
  8. I don't think so, but I'll investigate. Well, I found a solution. I think I'll just slink away into the darkness.
  9. I have suggested this before, and I will suggest it again, but slightly modified. Background: I own a Wacom graphics tablet and I use Windows Vista, therefore pressure sensitivity is supported. This is a real pain in the in Paint.NET. Whenever I try to use the stylus, I get huge lines. This makes it impossible to draw anything. I show you an example below: http://www.freewebs.com/cornipsus/paintbrush%20tool.gif Suggestion Text: I would like the option to disable pressure sensitivity, so I can just draw lines, instead of the example below. I assume that you coded the whole pressure thing, so I don't think this could be so hard. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this suggestion.
  10. By far, the worst operating system to have ever been created is Macintosh OSX. I nearly died using it.
  11. Nay. That artist's songs do not occupy my iPod Shuffle's memory. The Who.
  12. Sorry for the interruption, but this thread has lost it's meaning. By now, the story has become so twisted and distorted that anyone reading from beginning to end would surely find that it makes almost no sense.
  13. An excellent work. I do not think I could accomplish that piece with my current skill level. I grant you a 1.
  14. While it's hardware is new, the fundamental principles of the XBox are growing old. Modern gamers want something besides pressing buttons on a bracket-shaped ({) controller. That is why Nintendo's Wii outsold the PlayStation 3 by such a large margin. That, and the pricing.
  15. I severely dislike he who centers his signature.
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