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  1. K Max is the awesome. His solo career is far and above the best of the three former DCTalk members. oh yea, I totally agree! Even tough you really don't hear him as much on the radio etc. as much as Tait and Mac, his work just branched out so differently than the work of DC Talk. HIs Creativity is just amazing! I love how his music tries to reach all people Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Christian... whatever you are! I'm listening to him right now actually! "Existence." I think this has to be my favorite song by him, oh!, and his version of "Hallelujah" from Between a Fence and the Universe...an
  2. Thnx you for telling me! Oh gosh, I feel like an idiot! :oops: I guess I was in such a rush to see what the final result would look like I didn't notice, and I guess I was typing too fast! I fixed it now! thnxs again! :wink:
  3. this is kool! thnks! if you wanna read the whole poem use this link.... http://www.angelfire.com/hi/angel81spla ... atsea.html if that doesn't work just search Treason at Sea....by Kevin Max Smith!
  4. [/b] Here is my go! this is a orginal stan wisniewski piece that I redid in high school...This is one of my favorite drawings that I have done.I chose a drawing because it kinda reminded of Titanic :wink: so.... here it is.......
  5. I had so much fun with this,,,thnxs for the tut! i think the first one is my fav!
  6. here is my go at it, it kinda looks crappy but i wanted to make this one real fast so i could see what it looked like. I can make it better!
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