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  1. first and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for their replies. No, I don't look too much into the bible for answers, it just leads to more questions for me....and I'm still left with a hole that burns too much to bear. I am seeing a therapist, and she's good, but my husband refuses any type of counceling, he doesn't want this to work out. My rant for tonight: He just told me that he regrets having me here and that he is unhappy and the only reason he's "letting me stay here" is because of our son. I'm not searching for help. I'm just venting. I'm so hurt I don't know if anyone here has felt this pain before... I'm trapped here and I can't do anything about it, I'm not financially stable enough to support my son, and my husband isn't giving him up without a long drawn-out court thing. So I've become this drone, that doesn't have feelings (or at least can't show them due to the high dosage of anti-depressants) just sitting here forever indebted to my husband who for some reason turns everything around on me, who has chosen eternal unhappiness to be with my son. I wish I was selfish enough to take the easy way out. But I have my ray of sunshine... my little boy, that's what makes it so hard. Sorry I just need to vent and if anyone is listening or even reads this... thank you for taking the time. Because all I need right now is for someone to care about me.
  2. Rant: I think my husband is cheating on me. I found a condom in his wallet. He says it was from when we were separated... LIE.... I've been in his wallet before and it wasn't there. Why would a married man need a condom in his wallet (especially when we don't use them????) I'm crushed and very depressed. someone please help me before i do something dumb.
  3. Yeah he figured out how to make glass before I did. lol.
  4. Well first and foremost, welcome to the forums! And no, you are not the youngest one to be on the forum! My son is, he's 2! He loves PDN!!! not really I just thought is was funny I had to post it!
  5. No one actually.... they keys on the keyboard say nothing either, just clickety clack....
  6. You modified yours? I couldn't tell. I definatley didn't modify mine... I should have lol I'm 24 and still get acne. Yuck. Only right before that "time" of the month... ok tmi i know. lol. Oh and thank you btw
  7. MMMkay. My desktop is a picture of a stencil I made in PDN, but printed out and stenciled it onto some paper with good ol spraypaint. Enjoy
  8. alright, here's a newer, better one of me.
  9. but my warm fuzzy for tonight is the fact that it's nice and quiet, and I'm drinkin a bud light, don't have to work till friday, husbands asleep, kids asleep, dogs already in her bed and I have tons of me time. I am temporarily happy. It feels good. I need to make a new sig. now would be a good time to do it huh?
  10. I like the pill. I did one. just drinkin a brew-ha and this seemed fun to do! I didn't want to do a dropshadow though. Here she is!
  11. I just feel bad for the drowning polar bears I feel worse for generations from now. Can't really explain my stand on it. It even confuses me and is contradictory in its own.
  12. ^is wrong < is a SHE, and is pondering about quantum physics and the possibilities of parallel universes. (just got done watching The Universe on History Channel) I know I'm a dork. v is not a dork like me
  13. hm, I like my attempt is like Madjik's but I kept mine blue. and instead of using overlay (it just looked funny to me because i used smaller clouds) I used color burn. hope this works!
  14. ^wrong, I used to < is sick v it puts the lotion on its skin
  15. Sweet thank you! That is exactly what it was, there were about 5 different PDN dlls in my effects folder, got rid of em and wha la! everything is back!!!! Thank you!
  16. I've tried both of your suggestions.... and still no luck this makes me very sad... I'm just going to try to figure out which one it was that made it poop out on me :evil:
  17. all your other plugins together. ( I like the custom brushes too) Oreos or Chocolate Chip cookies?
  18. I like Hot Chocolate with a few shots of Kahlua. Sooo good for the winter time, although, I moved to a state where it doesn't snow. As for fav food dish, I'd say bacon, anything with bacon really. Or just bacon by itself. The weirdest thing I like to eat is Cottage Cheese and Green Olives, and if I got em, with Sour Cream and Cheddar Ruffles. Yum!
  19. RANT: AAARRGHHHHH!!!!! :evil: I'm so freggin mad at my PDN, rather myself for whatever I did to it while downloading new plugins, cuz i just can't get enough! My dog farted next to me and it smells like rancid fish, my new medication makes me nautious ALL THE TIME so the dog fart made it worse. I realize now that my husband loves me but is no longer in love with me. Which hurts me because Hidden Content: I know it's my fault He goes to bed at like 8 every night, takes a sleeping pill just to go to sleep. To avoid me? I feel like crying.And I'm procrastinating on a piece I'm working on because I'm a big fat procrastinator. sorry thank you all for listening
  20. I don't know what happened. I don't remember what the last plugin was that I dl but I still have everything in the effects folder but for some reason when I open PDN, nothing is there. Just whatever came with the version I currently have. Should I just delete all my effects from my folder and start over??? Please help me! Thanks in advance if you can help
  21. alright... I'll post a pic of me and the hubbs... he doesn't look too thrilled lol
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