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How to: Wrapped Glow'y Line [From my Joker sig]

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-Okay, now that you have the idea of where you're heading, it's time to line tool't!-

Add a new layer.


Use the color you want for the glow

Use your Line Tool to trace it. Fix anything that doesn't look good.

[Be sure to use the right click'r to get a good curve for the curvin parts.]

You lost me right here. How do you keep the line you drew from showing? And. When you make the new layer, you make the layer COLOR the glow color? Cause when I did that, I couldn't see my other line in order to do any tracing. Nevertheless, my glowy line turned out bad. It doesnt "glow" (even after I did the glow effect). It just looks like a white line with the color traced around it.


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I decided to add mine as well. This is a great tut, though I did get a bit lost at one point. I've always made my glowy lines a bit differently, so I mixed your way and my way. :mrgreen: I also added a second set of glow. I also tried to make it look as if he was moving. Anyway, I slapped him into a new background too.



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