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  1. I love your abstracts! I'm no longer on wimpy dial up so I finally had a chance to look through all of your stuff. Its all so great! I think my favorite is the monkey.
  2. Love the new stuff Helen! The baby is simply amazing..as you've been told over and over You make me jealous! I like the wireframe building, its definitely an interesting concept and an entire city would be really cool.
  3. Its been awhile since I've been able to put up anything new. Finally settled in after the move! I finally decided to add part of a body to my cartoon girl! I also put her in the booth and table I made awhile back just for the fun of it. Enjoy!
  4. I love your tulip! You did a wonderful job making it look like a painting. Your shading is simply amazing. Perfect really.. :evil: Love it Oma, that's a piece you really should have framed!
  5. Sorry I haven't commenting on here for so long Oma. I love your looking through your gallery, its just taxing on my dial up! Though since they've updated firefox, they've increased the usability of the reload image button, and they no longer have to be loaded so much before you can stop the page and reload just one image! Makes me greatly happy. I love your horse! She's wonderful! You were asking suggestions about the shine, and I think she could use a bit less on the face. You did a wonderful job on it and I think it obscures it a little. I love your new abstracts, you're very good at them! And the glass baby elephant is so cute! I wish he were real so I could have him! The boarder, title and credit page you'll be using for the movie of your flowers is soo amazing! I'm beginning to think you need a job in graphic design. It looks like it was professionally done.(as in someone who went to school for it ) I'm don't think I missed anything, everything is just so great! *bows down to Teh Oma"
  6. Aunt Suzy looks so cute in her little blue airplane! I think maybe a little more definition is needed on the plane. Other than that it looks great!
  7. I love the glossy shapes! I think its now my favorite of your glossies. It kind of looks like a little UFO.
  8. Thank you Helen! Always the first to comment I think Molten is my favorite too. It turned out nicely and I'm eventually going to try to do something else with it as well, although I have no idea what at this point.
  9. Thank you Helen! Here's a few more random images I thought I would share.. The newest of Shackled after a little more advice and tweaking. These are some random wallpapers I made. I didn't upload full size because my isp is all hinky today!
  10. The ad at the top of the page leaves..but only because it needs a bigger home for its growing family..The ad then moves to the right and left side of the page, and into every other post. I wish I had a nice cold Amp!
  11. Well I've enabled AVG and I had no problems with the site. I suppose someone falsely reported information to McAfee though because I had been using it for a good 6 months or more with no problems at all. Goon..I use WOT on my XP Pro machine..It works decent, though I've seen cases of websites being falsely reported on it too, but I guess you can't control the jerks. It seems a bit too..cutesy though.. lol
  12. I actually have avg install too. I don't think its enabled though. Maybe I'll enable and see if it comes up with anything. I have seen people falsely report that kind of thing though. Of course that's what it is, it just needs to be fixed now I suppose.
  13. You become a master PDN artist, but the next day you're in a horrific car accident, losing both of your arms. I wish I had a lollipop!
  14. Upon logging on today, I encountered this message from the McAfee SiteAdvisor addon for FF. I had to add paintdotnet.forumer.com to my override list in order to access the site. After making Rick aware of the problem, he asked me to share it with you to see if anyone else is getting this message. Please let me know!
  15. My boyfriend got a new job so we'll me moving out of this poor excuse of a town! I'm so happy!
  16. Here's the latest. I attempted the bubbles with some tutorials but didn't like the outcome, so I played around until I liked them. I made the balls after looking at a few of Helen's .pdn files. I didn't make them quite as glossy as she does, but I think they turned out nicely.
  17. Thank you both, I'm glad I improved it! I agree that it looks much better with the globe on it. Without it, it looks like something is missing. Now I just need to add a decent background to it. I was also playing with the idea of adding some air bubbles around the top so it looks like there's water in it. I've experimented with a few bubbles, but haven't liked them much so far.
  18. Well I've recreated them and I think the globe might look a bit better this time so here they are. Shackled
  19. Argh! I've just discovered I saved over the file that had all of the layers separate. So it'll take me a bit longer than originally planned as I'll be recreating the image. I might also decide not to at all. :evil:
  20. Personally, I like Shackled. Despite how bright most of my stuff is, I'm a bit of a dark thinker myself. I thought something like that when I "trapped" the heart in there. @Possum, I'm thinking the same myself about the globe. It needs to be rounder, but then it seems to kind of fit too considering the "table" gives it a slight angle. So, I suppose I'll repost with two images, one I'll remove the globe completely, and the other I'll round it out a bit more and we'll see.
  21. You did a good job with it, and while its a bit different, its also very basic. I wouldn't suggest posting a tutorial just yet on it. Usually people post tutorials after they've been requested. Though what stands out most to me is the sketch effect around everything. Did you use a plugin for it? Or do it yourself? I'm not sure if anything else exists already for that type of thing, you can always use the search to check. You could also consider posting a mini tut right here in your gallery, or pm'ing h3llb0yn3cr0 with a tut.
  22. Here's the latest! Hope you all enjoy. @welshblue: Maybe we can eventually think of a name for this "sculpture" You seem to be really good at naming your images
  23. Welcome everyone! I look forward to seeing your work and I hope you enjoy your stay with us!
  24. Thank you Helen I had actually considered that but I haven't been in the mood for making avatars and siggys lately. I don't much like anything I come up with, I've been trying for a week to get the sig I'm making how I want it. :shock:
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