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  1. Thanks for the improvement , I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply.
  2. Very nice, I'll be trying this very soon
  3. Very nice, I'll be trying this very soon
  4. This is one of the best tutorials I seen so far. I should of made the lines on my sig a bit thinner.
  5. Omg this tutorial has brought me out of, what you call it when you read stuff and don't post?
  6. After i finished my drawings i just upload and throw em all into the recycle bin. but that's just me.
  7. the lines looks better when it's not squiggly I lost my IRabbid avatar I had long ago
  8. It's suppose to be a sign but it turned out to be a button. This is probably gona be my last post for a long time O.o
  9. that "It's Free" sign is so cool xD
  10. looks very nice, i was wondering about how to make it but never got around to do that
  11. I haven't seen Cloverfield yet, but why does New York always get attacked?
  12. @ jerkfight 8/10, i like that tree, it stands out from the backgorund
  13. source image http://www.sendmeamirror.com/products/lrg/1305.jpg http://www.sendmeamirror.com/products/691.jpg
  14. I vote Firefox, I tried Safari and the bad thing about it is the scroll wheel. Whenever I scroll down a list in flash embedded on a web page, the web browser would scroll down with it.
  15. Beta 1 only took me about 2-3 min to uninstall the previous version. Is there any updates or fixes in the program itself in Beta 2?
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