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  1. Your on a forum for digital graphic editing, and you use photobucket??? was on a friends laptop w/o paint.net downloaded at the time..
  2. My Reflection and Me .. Effect added on Photobucket
  3. I had a lot of fun with this Thanx for the great , easy to follow tutorial.. !! Here's what i came up with
  4. Here are my lite brite Nike vandals ..Maybe i didn't choose the best image to use but I couldn't resist.. !! this is a pretty cool effect thnks for the tutorial
  5. Here is my go at it.. great tutorial and i will be trying this one agian because it didn't quite turn out the way i wanted... But here is my first try made into a simple sig.
  6. Here's my try at it.. i just used the lasso to select the colored area. added a bit odf gaussian blur to make it stand out.. Inverted the selection and adjusted it to color. So only one layer needed. It turned out ok I guess.. The image is from google. and it is refugees from Darfur
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