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  1. Just thought I'd create a new topic for the VP debate tonight. Just post all your comments, but let's not turn this into an all-out political war. :wink: Keep it clean and fair.
  2. Rant: my sister spilled nail polish remover all over my mom's $2000 dresser. She went ballistic. It was kind of scary actually.
  3. Rant- a month after I bought the iPod Touch, the new one came out. :evil: :evil: $70 cheaper, is slimmer, AND has a built-in speaker. Apple would've exchanged it if I had bought it two weeks later. AHH! :evil:
  4. 7/10 The text is really hard to read and the color scheme is a little off. Maybe it's just me tho.
  5. That was an invasion of privacy, something that is illegal and immoral. Jail is where these people belong.
  6. It never comes out good when I do it.... It doesn't look as glow'y...
  7. yams. I also think that if this doesn't catch on soon, it should be removed.
  8. I alwaysss lovee your sigs! 8/10. Not very PDN, but sharp and pretty. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this taken in Bejing, where America's Next Top Model walked down it as a runway? It looks familiar, but I could be totally off.
  9. ▲ Sitcoms...ewww! ◄ Looveeess Jon and Kate Plus 8, and is about to watch the new episode in 20 minutes ▼ Enjoys dipping Oreos in milk (they are milk's best friend, you know
  10. Hehe she... but thanks guys! Sorry I haven't been on the forum in a while, been busy and all that, but I'm back! And sorry if I'm posting on an old thread, but as it is my B-Day thread... And again, thanks! Never had I thought I'd get a thread for my birthday!
  11. Hey guys! After taking a break from the forum for a few months, I've done a new sig and come back! I hope you like my new sig. Please rate and comment. Thanks! By the way, 9/10! Awesome sig!
  12. My rant- My computer keeps freezing and it's taking me half an hour to write this message!
  13. ^ Is correct < Just got a new 36 inch LCD v Has an LCD TV
  14. Pixelated- 7/10 Blurred- 8.5/10 Current- 6.5/10. Blur that one and it's a 9/10. :wink:
  15. Thanks also to Hlnl for helping me with posting pics. :wink:
  16. I'm asking again just because I want to know for next time. @Lego- 7/10, if you added color it would improve your rating.
  17. Awesome tut! Would be helpful if you added how to make the gem 3D :wink: .
  18. Oh well, if anyone wants to keep going that's fine, but I guess this will be locked.
  19. Does that count? I saw that topic but thought it was distinctly different. If a mod doesn't think so, I guess it should be locked.
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