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How to: Wrapped Glow'y Line [From my Joker sig]

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it



Find your stock!
Find the stock you want to use. In our case I will be using the stock from Expire's Energy Sig; and from Sabrown100's Current Sig[as of 7.3.08]
NOTE: I attached the file of the stock. Also, I had to resize it for size purposes.

The Line!
Now we will start on the line 'n' everything of it's manor.

-Draw a quick 'doodle sketch' as I like to call it. For this, I used the brush tool [3px width]. Use whatever width you feel is good.-
Try to just imagine the line in your head. Imagine it swirlin' around your focal object.
Be sure to use a good blending, but good color.

-Okay, now that you have the idea of where you're heading, it's time to line tool't!-
Add a new layer.
Use the color you want for the glow
Use your Line Tool to trace it. Fix anything that doesn't look good.
[Be sure to use the right click'r to get a good curve for the curvin parts.]

-Should look something along the lines of this-

-Now to give it a curved feel-
Grab your gradient tool and set it to radial
Now set it to transparency :AlphaChannel:
Hold right click and draw little gradients at the ends to give it a curved look
This is just to give it a 'shaded' feel

After tweak'n it a lot, you should come out with something like this

The Glow!
This section shows how to make the white and glow'n part

Start off by duplicating your line layer
Follow these steps on the duplicated layer:
-Adjustments>Black 'n' White
-Adjustments>Brightness 'n' Contrast [100;100]
-Gaussian Blur [1px]

Now on the bottom layer aka color'd layer:
-Gaussian Blur [2px]

Finally, on the top layer aka white layer:
-Effects>Photo>Glow [6;6;10]


There ya go! Now you know how to make a 'Wrapped Glow'y Line'!
Post your results!


After fooling around with gradients, blending layers, and contrast..
I got this:





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Nice job on the tutorial, but I do it a different method. :shock:

Just a little different way of doing it:

Draw a white line with a 2-3 px Line/Curve tool using bezier curves over your render on a new layer.

Erase the parts that should go behind the render. This makes it look more natural, that the lines would actually connect around behind.

Taper out the ends to a point using either the eraser tool if it is curvy enough, or a transparency gradient if it is rather flat.

Gaussian blur by 1 px.

Use Outline Object at a 2-5 px radius and a softness of 253-255.

Run glow at default settings.

Either way, they both turn out similar.

Call me expired. Please.


Don't go counting your chickens before the pack of rabid ravaging foxes attacks. -Sozo
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@Tendou: As much as I love the gratitude.. you're kinda break'n rule 3.

3) DO NOT SHOUT. We can hear you just fine. Using all capitals is often interpeted as rude, so please don't.

@Yipppiyo: No problem. I love writing tutorials, so it's my pleasure.

@Expire..: Yeah. Thanks for the input. Either way is nice. I just wanted to share how I do it, I've recieved several PM's so I just thought it would be easier to just write it. :)

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That's because anything that is shiny is so cool! XD. The reason I was so desperate for it was because I always needed an effect to surround the render and this was the perfect one but I didn't know how to do so until now.



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Awesome tut. I was looking over Photoshop tutorials and saw a tutorial on the "glowing line." I never had a chance to do it on my own, so you sped up this process. Thank you sooo much! :)

No problem. I have always loved 'em anyway, so.. yeah. Lol. Glad you like it.

Holy shiznet thats good!

Hehe. Thanks.

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