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  1. loving your latest works! dreamy makes me want to float away on a cloud but then i wake up! lol. but yes i love it!
  2. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen...what do yall think?!..just by the previews think it will be better than the last! other than that i can't wait!
  3. Wow...Im lovin all your latest works, like how the graffiti looks! keep it up!
  4. Wow...Im lovin all your latest works, like how the graffiti looks! keep it up!
  5. ughh......wi-fi internet on my laptop isnt working but its showing i have 3 bars in good connection!! :x :x i am getting fustrated!
  6. Alternative/Rock. I like. Fireflight, Red, Jeremy Camp, Anberlin, Kutless. all my favorites and more! Rock what you got-Superchic[k] then whatever music videos show on JCTV!
  7. I love you gallery :!: :!: :!: Very nice! cant wait to see more! keep up the nice work!
  8. yea. i was thinking about that image too! lol. i was kinda sitting there like...whattt?! the another one kind of like that in the pic!
  9. is it the one with the person wearing a blue and yellow jacket, straight ahead of the picture where the media is at 3rd row from bottom, bout the 3 or 4th person from the right hand side! edit* yea. i thought for awhile maybe he put extra or took stuff out but since he didn't i saw somthing that freaked me out! lol.
  10. we fly high-jim jones i keep watching the last season of abdc when supercrew performs!
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