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  1. loving your latest works! dreamy makes me want to float away on a cloud but then i wake up! lol. but yes i love it!
  2. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen...what do yall think?!..just by the previews think it will be better than the last! other than that i can't wait!
  3. Wow...Im lovin all your latest works, like how the graffiti looks! keep it up!
  4. Wow...Im lovin all your latest works, like how the graffiti looks! keep it up!
  5. ughh......wi-fi internet on my laptop isnt working but its showing i have 3 bars in good connection!! :x :x i am getting fustrated!
  6. Alternative/Rock. I like. Fireflight, Red, Jeremy Camp, Anberlin, Kutless. all my favorites and more! Rock what you got-Superchic[k] then whatever music videos show on JCTV!
  7. Im enjoying you gallery nice stuff! Loving the new avatar...i can't stop looking at it......okay my eyes are hurting due to over exposure to pure awesomeness!! Lol. keep it up!
  8. Loving your gallery! everything is awesome! Keep the great work up!
  9. yea. im actually waiting to get cs4 master collection so i guess i should be good! I can never leave pdn though i love it too much! lol.
  10. Im using my bamboo fun tablet on my laptop i just got but its xp, I want my pen pressure on vista bak!
  11. using ophcrack to get my stupid password and just when i think its working there is not text showing at all in the window just to top toolbar icons but no text anywhere!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: im going insane!!!!!!!!! :x
  12. anybody know of a good hacking program so i can get into my laptop! i forgot my pw and have nothing to reset! :evil:
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