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How to: Wrapped Glow'y Line [From my Joker sig]

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nice tutorial


i dont get it

i have tried it for 2 times now.

and the result is the same again and again..

my line doesnt become as is should be..

when i do the glow

it just glows the whole picture like normal..

so i dont know what i do wrong.

can someone help me :)


Make sure you have the lines on new layers, by pressing this :AddNewLayer: . Otherwise you're working on one whole image, which in fact will glow your entire line.

Thanks everyone, sorry I haven't been here to answer questions lately.

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I kinda liked Expired's method better as well because I was able to get more color with it. No matter what I did with the first technique, I always ended up with a white line with barely a hint of color. Thanks to both you and Expired though for edumacating us noobs. It's a really kewl technique. Here's my version. (Hopefully it doesn't violate any rules...)


Chou'un Shiryuu from the anime Ikkitousen about to open a can o' wupp-< no swearing >. ^_^

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No, they're both in the toolbox...take a look on the left side of the screen for the line button. Drag the nubs once you've created the line to make a curve.


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Love it, and came out really good for my two fav cars in the world:



And the one from the tut:



I realized mine kinda look like ribbons... XD

I really, really, really like the pics you made with your favourite cars, well done ! :-P



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