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  1. yes, that's how i found it, then i saw it was because of the #000001 black
  2. i really like the black- white contrast, it looks very, very good i think!
  3. The title may seem awkward, but last night I discovered an interesting fact of paint.net, i don't know if it was meant to be, but anyway, here's the tutorial. What we are goint to do is making a movie play in paint.net and then we can draw on it on another layer (the movie layer will not be saved though) 1. What you need - Paint.net (paint works too if you want) - VLC media player (get it here ) - Brains (not necessary though) 2. Setting up Paint.NET 1. Fire up Paint.NET 2. Take the standard canvas size (800 x 600) or larger if you want 3. Fill the background layer with special black,
  4. eh, why isn't there a belgian flag? for the rest, very nice! It comes in handy!
  5. A ver ynice tut, but i prefer the newer one
  6. Nice tutorial! With some extra frills...
  7. UPDATE2 added link to interactive pdn tutorial
  8. 9/10 Nice feeling you get when you see it, maybe a lillte bigger :
  9. slj

    Kat's creations

    i just LOOOOOOOOOVEEEE the etnotext background, is is made with pdn?
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