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  1. Nice renders from Topaz. I concede, pdn can not do those things, it would be nice though. It's just a thought, in case a programer is looking for something new and different to create to enhance pdn.
  2. We already have plug-ins which do (essentially) what Topaz does. However, if you go to atomic cupcake we do not have plug-ins that do this... Here is another thought...a plug-in that would allow pdn to run photoshop actions/plug-ins. I have no idea if that's even possible.
  3. I would like to make a formal request of all the effects publishers. It would be super awesome if the publishers would take a look at http://www.atomiccupcake.com/ and make a few plug-ins based on these photoshop plugins. Thanks!
  4. Bolbait, thanks for the bevel...I was able to create these with such ease!
  5. I like the image but I don't like how it's centered. Following the rule of 3rds would make it more interesting and the text could be improved...I would say 6/10 RATE THESE TWO: (Thanks)
  6. Nice fractal and I love the font. I say 6/10 because it's more basic than most. I am not a big fan of the color combo. I don't like how it goes from yellows to a gray.
  7. I like how the red contrasts with the blue of the earth. I think 9/10...Everything is crisp!
  8. That seems a little harsh with not much explanation as to how to fix the problems you see...
  9. With all the available plug-ins, how different, really, is paint.net from photoshop? Is there another costly program that is better than PDN? I have never used any other photo enhancement program, so I have no idea...
  10. I adore your signature. I love the colors and the text! Great Job! I give it a 9/10 because it is a plain and dark. Check the luminosity I think. Check out my Ferrari Signature I attached...what do you think? I made it for my husband...
  11. My name is Melissa. I discovered pdn in my search for something less expensive than photoshop...free fit the bill. I am a mother, a photographer and a scrapbooker, among other titles. I enjoy playing with pdn and think it's a great program. I am not as digitally minded as most here so my stuff may have more of a "real" feel to it. Nonetheless, it is my style. I hope you appreciate it! Scrapbooks Digital Creations Siggy's and Banners Scrapbook Elements ______________ Thanks for looking!
  12. If you can't find mud you can use the fire effect or the clouds effect and crop a circle out of it. It works the same. I imagine this is what the sun would look like as it explodes sometime next year...
  13. It's an M because my name is Melissa...lol...but you wouldn't know that. Perhaps I should use a T instead?
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