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Making glass buttons

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On the exposed part, do you see a white canvas or a chequerboard pattern?

i see a checkerboard pattern

When I save my button I see white space aroun him and that's not good for my web page. I follwed all the steps but I can't get an image without white space!

Can somebody tell me how to make it right. Thanx!

Wery good tutorial. :wink:

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Okay. I'll try explaining this to you:

1. Open your button in PDN (Paint.NET)

2. Start erasing the white around the button.

3. After you're done, it is wise to either make a border or to feather the button (with the Feather plugin). It looks best if used with these settings; 1 for radius, 1 for strength and the "True Feather" checkbox checked.

4. Don't forget to save your button as a .png or .gif (or .pdn). If you save it as a .jpg, the transparency disappears.

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