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  1. Some tut can actually be modified to create handles, e.g 1) pool cue tut by tourist viewtopic.php?f=31&t=22848 2) pear tut by oma viewtopic.php?f=31&t=28453 (for texture) 3) rope/steel cable tut by tourist viewtopic.php?f=15&t=23032 In simple terms, its all up to the imagination or to actually imitate a certain design of handle suited to the kind of blade u r doing.. another simple one i made..
  2. I guess it'll be easier to create a handle if u have an image in mind, and then try and experiment with the effects..
  3. clouds, jitters, blurs, the handle is made up of 7 layers including color burn to get the color..
  4. For Step 3, i would duplicate the layer for the sharpened edge. den use the conditional hue for both layers and convert to black and white followed by adjusting the luminosity curves. That's what i did for the machete i've done.. Next? This is one i did earlier with the tut..
  5. Its actually a 45 deg gradient and jitters plugin..
  6. Thanks Benji2, the part where the flowers meets the water line was edited as it was a bunch of roses that when cut into half and joins the water line.. it became a :evil: shape.. so some cut and paste was done to portray into a heart shape. It was a combi of the 2 shots below.. Thanks pophiri for the comments.. i guess i did not manage the part of the forest on the other shore when combining the 2 fotos together.. and i think the fault lies on the blending of the layers . which results in it looking odd having a black band under the chin.. this piece was done on my 4th day on Paint.net..
  7. thanks again Oma... i'll try to create something soon..
  8. A combination of 2 studio shots from my wedding portfolio..
  9. I think i'm addicted to creating blades.. :twisted: Click for larger image
  10. thank you Oma.... U r right, I did all the sword blades' outline with a curved line instead of a straight line, and then another line defining the sharpened edge.
  11. Great! i'll be looking forward to it so i can learn too..
  12. wow... and i've always marvelled at the way u do the glossy surfaces.. so maybe u wanna giv the turtle a glass shell now in 2009?
  13. Superb line work and shading... and lively too.. the turtle is smiling..
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