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  1. Some tut can actually be modified to create handles, e.g 1) pool cue tut by tourist viewtopic.php?f=31&t=22848 2) pear tut by oma viewtopic.php?f=31&t=28453 (for texture) 3) rope/steel cable tut by tourist viewtopic.php?f=15&t=23032 In simple terms, its all up to the imagination or to actually imitate a certain design of handle suited to the kind of blade u r doing.. another simple one i made..
  2. I guess it'll be easier to create a handle if u have an image in mind, and then try and experiment with the effects..
  3. Thank u.. been MIA for a while due to work.. hope to get back to PDN soon..
  4. clouds, jitters, blurs, the handle is made up of 7 layers including color burn to get the color..
  5. For Step 3, i would duplicate the layer for the sharpened edge. den use the conditional hue for both layers and convert to black and white followed by adjusting the luminosity curves. That's what i did for the machete i've done.. Next? This is one i did earlier with the tut..
  6. Its actually a 45 deg gradient and jitters plugin..
  7. Thanks Benji2, the part where the flowers meets the water line was edited as it was a bunch of roses that when cut into half and joins the water line.. it became a :evil: shape.. so some cut and paste was done to portray into a heart shape. It was a combi of the 2 shots below.. Thanks pophiri for the comments.. i guess i did not manage the part of the forest on the other shore when combining the 2 fotos together.. and i think the fault lies on the blending of the layers . which results in it looking odd having a black band under the chin.. this piece was done on my 4th day on Paint.net..
  8. thanks again Oma... i'll try to create something soon..
  9. Thanks cazaron.. your suggestions sound good and did set me thinking on my next piece of work...
  10. A combination of 2 studio shots from my wedding portfolio..
  11. I think i'm addicted to creating blades.. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: but too bad, photobucket killed off many smaller details :evil: :evil:
  12. I think i'm addicted to creating blades.. :twisted: Click for larger image
  13. oh.. den i still hav to type it out in MS Words and den copy paste it to pdn..
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