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  1. Thanks guys Problem solved Downloaded Opera
  2. I am right-handed and I use my right hand index to left-click. No I don't have another browser. I used windows Explore getting "The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted" error. When I point at "pyrochild_plugins_2009-11-30" I get "Files/Folders in Zip file: 16" When I point at "Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects" I get "Files/Folders in Zip file: 1" When I point on "EdHarvey-Effects-20080826" I get "Type: WinZip file"
  3. When I left-click nothing happens! I'm using Internet Explorer 8 I had no trouble unzipping "pyrochild_plugins_2009-11-30" and "Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects" and others.
  4. I cleared my browser’s cache If by “Open it by left-clicking” you mean double left click, I did that - same error “cannot open file…” Did all this with the Paint.NET program closed. Am using WinZip.
  5. I downloaded it three times with the same result, can't open it!
  6. I downloaded "EdHarvey-Effects-20080826.zip" but when I tried to open it I got this message: “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive”. Any help please!!
  7. At last I came back to this subject. After trying to save my image in .gif and .jpeg etc., I saved in .png and the result is much, much better though I had to sacrifice some space. Thank you for your help everybody. I have another question though. With the silver metal I was OK, but can you give me the RGB or Hex of the gold metal, please?
  8. One of the many good tuts that I tried. Great rings effect. I started mine with the Add Noise plugin. The perspective isn’t that good but at least both axis, i.e. the one of the planet and that of the rings match, not like some I saw. :wink: Thanks for a great idea. Here is my version of Saturn: [Edit] Looks much better now (I hope) :wink:
  9. nakis

    Kiosk Orbs!

    Here is another try Combined a few tuts in this one
  10. nakis

    Kiosk Orbs!

    Great Tutorial Here is my try
  11. Call me expired. Please. Your tut is one of the greatest. Your place is on mount Olympus. But please think of us mortals. It took me ages to figure out what I was doing wrong between “Draw a white filled circle…” and “Using a transparency gradient, …” I kept forgetting to change :AllColorChannels: to :AlphaChannel: and vice versa. Another thing that confused me was the Transparency % which for me newbie would have been better with the minus sign i.e. Then set the Transparency to about -50% Well here is my try
  12. Thank you “Call me expired. Please.” I got it. But in Step 13 “Then set the Transparency to about 50% Transparent.” setting Adjustments/Transparency 50% was a mess. So I double clicked the Layer Properties and set the Opacity to 100 (there is no % in that setting window) and it worked perfectly. Thanks again.
  13. I need some help here please In Step 12 by “Draw a white filled circle…” you mean to select the Ellipse Select (shortcut key: S) tool draw a circle and fill it with white or to select the Ellipse (shortcut key: O) tool on “Draw filled shape”, draw a white circle like you instructed in Step 2 “using the Ellipse tool on "Draw filled shape", draw a dark gray circle” In Step 13 “Using a transparency gradient, draw a linear gradient …” how do I do this?
  14. Madjik I found the “BN Machine” font you used for the chrome tut, thank you. I tried the tut using this font but I didn’t get the desired result. Can you tell us how you got that result, kind of round yet flat letters, please?
  15. A very nice tut. I’ll try to do it but I’d like to use the font that Madjik used for his. So if he is reading this can he tell me what font it was. Thanks
  16. OK I got that. I have an animated file; I changed its file extension from .gif to .agif and open it in PDN, perfect got every single frame in different (nameless) layers then tried to save it as .apng and got this error. Each frame is 50x37 pixels.
  17. Ok what I did till now is this: 1. d/l AnimGIF.dll and put it in Paint.NET\FileTypes. 2. d/l and yes I tried to save a file and there are options to save in .agif and .apng. But still I cannot find it to run it
  18. Ho yes I read that and followed instructions. Still how do I run it, I cannot find it anywhere.
  19. @Simon Brown- I found and downloaded AnimGIF.zip, unzipped it and put it in the Paint.NET\Effects folder, with the other effects. Some questions: Do I have to save each layer as .gif file type? How many layers would I need (don’t shock me)? I don’t think I have to flatten the layers. Will it animate only in PDN? Anyway I need all the help that you can give me. Thank you.
  20. I already tried to find an animation plugin without success. That's why I posted this. Can you direct me to one please.
  21. I have Shape 3D and I made some cubes. Do you mean that I can make a cube spin and see all six sides from the settings? If so can you tell me how please. Thank you.
  22. I saw picture spinning cubes made by @MetalAngelz and by @sleightly magic. I cannot post in the thread cause it's locked.
  23. I saw @ash’s tutorial on how to make a cube i.e. S3D#1: Different image on each sides of a cube. (EASY). I did the tut, a dice and a Rubik’s cube, not as good as the ones I saw there, but I’m quite happy about them. Can anyone tell me how can I make a cube spin/rotate, is there a plugin for it?
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