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Making glass buttons


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For IE 7.0 goto Page menu and select View Source. You'll see the code. Save it as button.html and you could open it in IE...

That's not all the stuff, but a start!

I wrote the code for the button myself;

what i meant was that i cant figure out how to make HTML code work in the forums instead of BBCode

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sweet^^ i will try them out



i tyed it, it worked out really well ^^

but i added a few extra layors to add " Shine"

1. Additive, then set capastity to 150 or to what ever you like

2. on top, Color Doge, then set to the capasity you like.

then i blurred it at 0 and 10 pixles, for the Addive layor i did the same, but its at 2 pixle.

Dude, your sig is waayyyy too big!



I am a disco dancer. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+

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I would use Border multiple times with different Settings.

Thickness and use Line, Broken, Dotted and Dashed.

Mix and match.

Hope this helps.

not really

I give up.

Thanx anyway.

I'm a Paint.NET newbie, so please be patient with me :)

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A little tip fets... don't forget to apply a little shadow drop onto the elements that you put on your button. In this case the * and the ~, it will highlight the whole 3D effect to the end results.


100% PDN

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