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    Everything related with computers... Music, movies, internet... But now I am working with Pain.NET

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  1. Well I'm stuck on the beginning already!!! LOL I cant get that Clouds layer done..... And I cant see am I going in the right way couse I dont have screen..... But ok.... I think that even if u help me I wont get this tut done... So never mind then....
  2. OMG this is such a great tut!!!! I love this one!!!! Great....... I made this and im not sadisfied with result.... I had some troubles with getting things done but I did something.... I know I blew up that clouds step couse I didnt knew what to do...!! So could u please explain me how to get that cloud effect like yours???? I would really appreciate it!!!! Anyway heres my first work..... I will make another one.... The better one!!
  3. This is very neat tut!!!! I made this..... Nothin special...... Didnt put much effort... Couse it really is EASY!!! lol And i didnt use RED!!!
  4. This is a nice tut!!!! I mean everybody knows how to save image under different file type.... But not everybody knows which file means what...!! I personally didnt..... But now I do... Thx for this!!!
  5. Wow this is a really nice tutorial!!!! I really enjoined this one!!!! Great....... I made this one.... Took a picture earlier and made it like this.......
  6. I made this one.... And to me it's really good!!! It could be a lil more better but then I would have to repeat some steps.... And I was too bored to do that.... So this is very nice too!!!!
  7. Heres my eye!!! 1h of work.... The first one was <No cursing.> but this one is way better.... I used that Fire Tutorial to make this eye... Comments are welcome....
  8. Man.... Why the did u put that large picture.... Resize it bro!!!
  9. Very nice tutorial!!! U can make that simple fire in 5 min. or so.... But u can use that technique to do other pictures.... Great!!!
  10. Here I made this.... Not very sadisfied but its not bad for my first try and 20 min of work.... If I put more work in it, like 2 - 3 hours or so, I could get much much better results... But for now this is ok too....
  11. Wow that was a long 10 min. read....!! Really really good explained.... Now I understand that with RGB but still I will just draw curves and hope I'll get something good.... lol But u really wrote all nice and explained very well... Great job!!!!! Like someone said!!! We need more tutorials like this!!!! xD
  12. The tutorial isnt explained very well... I cant get it working.... Too many words with no steps how to make them work and no screenshots to see am I on the good way...!! So I cant get it done..... Cose Im a n00b in Paint.NET!!!
  13. Heres my button.... WOW it's pretty bad when I look to all of yours... But.... I must say that that is my first work with Paint.NET (That Exploding Planet was 2nd!), and maybe i will make better one some day!!
  14. Hey everybody... Im new on this forum and on Paint.NET!! I mean Im THE BIG n00b!! So I started reading tutorials so I can learn, and this is my first picture worth of showing.... Hope that it's good!!!!
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