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  1. Awesome gallery, and the animations are cool. I like the last sig you posted best.
  2. I'm really new so I can't really say if I did all that well. If you all could give some advice it would be much appreciated. I wanted to do a bunch of backgrounds first My dad used to work here, so I did it for kicks. From pyro's tut. Star Child. Wanted it to look more like she was exploding from all this light leaking out. Didn't go that well. The head was the only pic in my stock whose background was easy to delete. Wanted to do something grunge, but ended up with emo. Did this for fun. Didn't want to delete it so I thought I'd post it anyway.
  3. Wow...nice sigs. I especially like the one with the strands overlapping each other.
  4. I like the last one best too, and if you ever figure out how you did it, please tell me. The first one's two bright, kinda hurts my eyes. The planets are nice, could use some background like stars and little rocks as asteroids. The new one you posted, hehe...it's crazy. Can't say I like it that much artistically, but in regard to humor, I will laugh with you.
  5. Could you post the link for the glass box again?
  6. Mine. I changed a few things.But just a bit.
  7. Lol...second tut I've done since joining. My leaf looks so realistic, thanks. Didn't know I could do stuff like this. :shock: You are awesome.
  8. Hi. I'm still very new to paint.net, 3days new. This is the first one I came up with. It's so small, I'm sorry for that.:oops:
  9. How do I lower opacity?
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