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'Scalable Vector Graphics' FileType Alternative Plugin (.SVG, .SVGZ)

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This is a filetype plugin for loading SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and its compressed variant SVGZ files.


SVG elements can be rendered as a flat image file or each on a separate layer.


The plugin is a tiny wrapper around the SVG.NET Library which does the actual SVG reading.


Disclaimer: I merged all required third party libraries into a single file so everyone can easily install, remove and update it when needed. Because of this merging, the binary form of the plugin contains code from the Fizzler project ( LGPL - GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE ) which forces me to use the same license. LGPL terms only apply to binary form.


You can get the latest version from this link:


SvgFileType.dll.zip (zipped)


To install the plugin perform the following steps:

  • Put the DLL in the <Paint.NET>\FileTypes directory (default location is C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes)
  • For the Windows Store version of Paint.NET, put the DLL in the <Documents>\paint.net App Files\FileTypes directory
  • Restart Paint.NET if you have it open


Project on Github


If you experience any problems you can open an issue on github or post here.


Also if you're a developer, you're welcome to contribute code on Github and help making this plugin better.

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update links to v1.01
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Updated to v1.01.



  • Fixed some bugs that leading crash.
  • Some GUI changes.
  • Viewport x, y values were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed duplicate import of groups when using Group import mode.
  • Auto-generated layer names are now more meaningful.
  • Added a memory warning message when importing many layers.
  • Case-insensitive comparison of values for visibility attributes (visibility & display) for svg elements.
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fixed a typo
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