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  1. Not expected. Renamed. Described not from the beginning, showing normal behavior first. re.zip
  2. Check the change of layers of the palette with the arrow button. For a fraction of a second, the name of the other layer in the list is shown while switching colors. It's hard to understand, but in some cases, changing the color through choosing a color from the palette or choosing a layer through the list leads to the disappearance of the bug and its appearance. Запись экрана_20221212_092433.zip Запись экрана_20221212_092900.zip
  3. In my opinion, it's more convenient. Without taking into account the old shortcomings: 1) "Keywords" is empty with a standard set. It's strange to see this area first. 2) It is possible to make the status "Disabled" for empty windows. 3) The "All" button can be useful to not select single filters. I would suggest "All" and "None" buttons instead of "Reset". 4) The search button (magnifying glass) has not been replaced since the previous version. For me, the gray color and the lack of animation/hand cursor make the button feel inactive. 5) Place a cross next to the magnifying glass to quickly clear the field and reset the search results. I think this is more useful than reselecting filters to return results without taking into account the search.
  4. Read the first post. The version of the program is indicated there. Install and test. Report the result. It's better than a question.
  5. It is inconvenient that here, as in Photoshop, there is no export command without changing the project of the current file. It would be convenient to add such a command so that the convergence is performed in the background through temporary data. It may be possible for the author to implement this without having to completely copy the project into temporary memory.
  6. Check file size. Depending on the browser, saving WEBP or JPG is offered. Saved via Google Chrome 108.0.5359.95 and got 44,238 bytes of wepb. Downloaded via Download Master and got 176,066 bytes JPG. Opening in hex or a text editor also allows you to check the file header. Pay attention to the request to the site and the size in the status bar. Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge.
  7. After selecting a folder, click save and adjust the settings in the browser window on the left. If you change them again, they will become default again.
  8. The properties menu is transferred to the second monitor if there is a border between screens nearby. Not sure if this is the desired behavior if the program's main window doesn't cross the border. From example: Black program window with buttons; White browser window on the entire screen of the first monitor; On the right is the colored background of the second monitor and the transferred menu.
  9. It may be worth disabling a number of actions (rotate, flip, scale) for single-pixel images (1x1), because these actions will have no effect. For plugin-effects, this is less clear, since there the effects "work" to a certain extent.
  10. "Crop to selection" I see no reason to use when selecting the entire canvas. In fact, the action is running idle. We don't have an image outside of the canvas, do we?
  11. paint.net 5.0 beta (build 8376) & Plugin Browser beta. Main menu item name not loading.
  12. Only visual notes. 1. Long names do not fit, i.e. there is no wrapping or tooltip. 2. Overlaying icons on top of text, i.e. in addition to the first point. 3. There are options to think about the UI of an empty field with alternative search filters (alphabet, author). For example, add sorting items alphabetically and in reverse order, or write "all". Ideally, change the layout of the elements. 4. It is interesting to search for a single character. Does it make sense or limit the minimum number of characters? It might be worth dividing it into heading searches and description searches. 5. In addition to the previous point. We see descriptions without localization (at least filter names), and viewing these descriptions is not displayed in the standard view (without search). Surprise - hidden text. 6. Find a description. Select a filter. Search again. For the duration of the search, we see the icon of the selected filter, the rest disappears. 7. Something seems to break when displaying a large amount of text in the right margin. Look at the strange text for the last item "Invert around primary color". When searching for "Invert around primary color" or searching for "Maximilian" we don't see this glitch. 8. Sorry. I did not immediately understand that the search works immediately with the catalog on the site. The information above may be slightly inaccurate. Here somehow it is necessary to designate the place of the search or do the search filter for local plugins separately. 9. If possible, then from the description found in the directory, determine installed plugins. For example, to show the plugin icon to the left of the name (in the description). Clicking on the icon highlights (framed/colored) the installed plugin in the left column. 10. "Question" (?) in the window title refers to the main topic. I do not know if it is necessary to change the link to the code for the test version.
  13. Thanks for releasing the plugin. Unfortunately, it is not a replacement for an existing plugin. When opening an icon with different sizes, it loads only a small size, and the old plugin offers a selection of images, incl. separated by layers. YandexICO.zip
  14. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/118660-paintnet-43-is-now-available/?do=findComment&comment=586724
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