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Flood Fill Gradient (2 Dec 2019)


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This plugin is simply but I couldn't find any other way to do what I needed - so I created it my self.

The plugin will follow the shape from the center point, and will paint a gradient from it based on the inside distance.





Installation instructions: http://boltbait.com/pdn/InstallingEffects.php


Menu: Object -> Flood Fill Gradient




Using the following source image:




Can easily result into




As you can see, at the center of the image it's black (primary color), where the pixels that are farthest away by path are white (secondary color).


I hope someone will find this useful!

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Oooh. I like this. It will make creating things like this easier 


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Made these real quick:


ffg_01.png  ffg_02.png



Your plugin first, then a couple of plugins to finish it off.  Thank you!


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