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Well I first started using PDN on May 1st 2008. Tell me what you think.

%100 PDN, Stone Butterfly:


Graphic design is simply fun

:). Posting a new signature in the forums was always a reason for me to make a new one, and its incredible to think its been 2 years already. Still seems like I was gawking at DarkShock's signatures and power-munching on the tutorials in the forums just days ago. At first it was difficult but I made a few new signatures every day, sometimes five or a six a day till I was satisfied. I'm still far from the best but I enjoy creating something new every now and again so feel free to ask anything you'd like and I hope you enjoy my work.









Abstract %100 PDN:

A new desktop for my netbook. 1024 X 600. 100% PDN.


th_Spacescape_Wotw19-1.png th_1366x768_Wallpaper.jpg


Signature tutorials I've learned from (this is generally for my benefit so I can easily find them, but I believe others will make use of the links when browsing for inspiration):

Old Signatures:

Hidden Content:




So feel free too comment and tell me what you think.

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K_I_N_G, I am surprised that I haven't checked out your Gallery sooner, because these are amazing! I can see progression in every one of them :) Good job!

P.S. Can you give an insight on how you made this? Cyclone.png

EDIT: Just a small tip, try to stay away from Centred focals. Meaning, don't have your render in the middle. Have it on the left or right, as it is more appealing. :)

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Thanks. I suppose I should try to change it up with the render placement.

As for the signature it was easy enough. I used the wire tutorial in the forums to make the pipe things. A simple circle, filled with blue, a radial gradient on another layer (set at overlay), a few dots blurred at 1 pixel, and the chrome ring was just a few gradients of different grays. As for the background I used a few big circles, a radial gradient and filled them with the paint bucket where the fill was rivet.

I have no idea how I remembered all of that....

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