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  1. I had to actually start PDN and go look at it before I could remember what you were talking about. So, nope. Never used it. Probably never will.
  2. We really need a more descriptive name for that tut. Also, most people use image-hosting sites like Photobucket or ImageShack to upload photos. You just get an account on one of those sites, upload your photos, then the site will give you links to the photos that you can post wherever you like.
  3. Was just browsing the Rainmeter official docs, and they mention Paint.NET as one of the alternatives to Photoshop for image editing. http://docs.rainmeter.net/manual/getting-started/creating-skins It's even the first one they mention.
  4. Lifehacker: http://lifehacker.com/5467593/pinta-bri ... y-computer It's more about the porting (so to speak) of PDN, but they are pretty complimentary to PDN as well.
  5. Dents finally got included in PDN! Now, when is Smudge getting included?
  6. Beat me to it. Actually, you wouldn't have beaten me to it had the forum software been functioning properly yesterday and allowing me to post in this thread (I tried several times). :evil:
  7. The only thing that Paint.NET does with fonts is to pull them from your C:\Windows\Fonts directory. That's it. This is why you do not install fonts to Paint.NET, you install them to your computer. Font organization would, I believe, require some sort of font-handling architecture to be built into Paint.NET. I kind of get the implication that Rick doesn't want to do that.
  8. While you're at it, why not allow .pdn attachments as well? 'course, I don't know if that's possible with this forum software.
  9. Lifehacker ran a post on a program that will bulk-download free Windows apps for you; they mention Paint.NET in the Imaging category. http://lifehacker.com/5388408/ninite-bu ... e=true&s=x
  10. Try Alpha Masking. Excellent tutorials on alpha masking, by Crazy Man Dan, can be found here and here. You will have to download a plugin for this, but if I understand correctly installing plugins is no longer a problem for you. The way I would do it would be to create a mask of whatever object you want to keep colored, save the mask, go back to your original picture, duplicate the layer, run the Black and White adjustment on the top layer, then run your alpha mask on the top layer. It should come out looking the way you want it. EDIT: Fixed broken URL tag - sorry about that.
  11. Looks like some hexagrid + nebulous + PI + bar & text. Kind of a cool effect, but I'm not sure whether you should post a tut on it.
  12. You could always create a ScriptLab script with your desired rotate/zoom settings, then save and upload it. ScriptLab does do rotate/zoom; I just checked.
  13. Take your selection, copy it, paste it into a new image, and use the image -> resize function. Should work.
  14. Next time I would recommend you use http://searchpaint.net, as it is much better than the built-in forum search engine. Happy PDN-ing!
  15. There's a Transparency effect in BoltBait's plugin pack; that might help you.
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