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  1. Looks like some hexagrid + nebulous + PI + bar & text. Kind of a cool effect, but I'm not sure whether you should post a tut on it.
  2. You could always create a ScriptLab script with your desired rotate/zoom settings, then save and upload it. ScriptLab does do rotate/zoom; I just checked.
  3. Take your selection, copy it, paste it into a new image, and use the image -> resize function. Should work.
  4. Next time I would recommend you use http://searchpaint.net, as it is much better than the built-in forum search engine. Happy PDN-ing!
  5. There's a Transparency effect in BoltBait's plugin pack; that might help you.
  6. If you're doing it with Paint.NET, I think you have to open them each individually. Open the first, edit it, save, open the next. Since PDN automatically defaults to the last folder you opened something from when you hit the "open" button again, I don't think it should be too hard.
  7. Looks nice! Especially considering you haven't been using PDN for very long. Keep up the good work!
  8. Take 2 images of the car from the exact same perspective (the best way is to mount the camera on a tripod with a remote button to take the picture so that you don't disturb it between shots). Take one picture of the car with the hood closed, then open the hood and take another picture. Open up Paint.NET and open both images. On the image with the hood closed, duplicate the background layer, then paste the image with the hood open in between the two layers. On the middle layer, erase the open hood, then switch to the top layer. Go to "layer properties" and lower the opacity to the desired
  9. Try adding Clouds on a new layer with white as your primary color and a fully transparent color (alpha = 0) as your secondary color. Erase whatever parts you don't want, and add some Transparency gradients (to make those the little thingy next to the gradient selections looks like this: :AlphaChannel:) to make them fade better.
  10. Just a quick suggestion: Next time, why don't you try http://searchpaint.net before posting a thread. If you had searched "burn dodge", the first result would have been this tutorial, which is what you want. Check that out, and while you're at it read the Rules. Welcome to the forums!
  11. Of few of them look kind of like the built-in Soften Portrait effect, but apart from that I couldn't tell you.
  12. Paint.NET does not yet support soft selections. I believe that's planned for v4.x.
  13. Two excellent tutorials on how to use Alpha Masks, by CMD, can be found on this page.
  14. Would it be possible to add a couple of x and y sliders to the interface for displacement? Might be useful. I'm not a coder, though, so I don't know how hard this would be.
  15. If you really want a nice-looking recolor, you might want to check out the Conditional Hue/Saturation plugin. Depending on what you're trying to recolor, it could give you some nice results.
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