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  1. Yeah, you'll have to use this one. but you can rename it " My gallery" or anything you'd like. PS- it looks awesome.
  2. An update. I haven't been doing much because I just got an xbox 360 . But hey, atleast i'm doing something. Bryan fury, from Tekken... The render wasn't very good.
  3. That's great for a first try! And jake, i love your sig.
  4. I really like the first image.
  5. A while back i tried to do this tut, and i failed pretty hard. My friend needed a sig done, so I decided to try it for him. Nothing special, just a tut followed.
  6. Thanks, though that wasn't supposed to be anything special. Did it while I was waiting on a game queue.
  7. People have been telling me to keep looking at tuts and adding my own little touches, eventually i'd find myself. Well, I haven't yet, so my work will still look terrible. Here's some recent. Nothing special, etc etc :oops:
  8. 6/10, I like it. It's simple yet good at the same time.
  9. I'm really liking the new stuff, keep it up. I haven't done anything lately at all. Don't really have the inspiration, lol.
  10. I am having problems with the "Flip horizontally".. both of my layers flip so it does nothing. Can anyone help? Edit: wow im stupid, I got it.
  11. I really like the last one, I like how you made the colors work.
  12. 7/10. I can't really make out what it is, but it's still good on the eyes. Plus the colors I love.
  13. I'm sorry, i will from now on. But did you not like any of my work?
  14. I love the Bart picture. Also, i have a picture i'm wanting to do like your floating island one, do you think you could give me your opinion on it over pm or something?
  15. I really like the last one, though I think the Brian one is too bright. /edit- Wow I didn't realize how old this was, I just clicked on "Unanswered posts". Sorry if i brought up something that didn't need to be back up.
  16. At the end of Tekken 5 when you beat story mode with him, Devil Jin shoots him off his bike, and this is him looking up at Devil Jin as his bike explodes. -Dont rate mine again, rate TheVoids
  17. Hwoarong is my favorite tekken character. Somewhat followed a tutorial for this. The story behind it- Someone told me that it didn't make much sense that he was looking away from the explosion, so ill fill you in on what i was thinking. If you've ever beaten tekken 5 on story mode with Hwoarong, you see in the video Devil Jin basically blows his bike in to a million and a half peices. This is him looking up at him (Devil Jin) like "What the hell?"
  18. Upgraded from my last, would like a rating on the avatar/signature combo. Still loving yours, nab.
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