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  1. Blooper's signature is the best signature made in PDN for me as of now. :wink:
  2. 8.5/10 The composition is good but the text could've been smaller. :\
  3. D3z - The fractal doesn't go well together with the signature and it attracts attention way too much. 7/10 Kemaru - At some parts, there are bits of :AntiAliasingOff: but it's still slick. 9/10 JJgunz - The render is too blurry and the background is a little bit "off" if you know what I mean. 8/10
  4. It only works in vista with the pressure sensitivity.
  5. So... what are good how-to comic art sites? (Like Alan Tew art style or somewhat close to it)
  6. LFC4EVER - 8/10. Needs a bit more lighting work. ZELDA_GURU - Honestly, I think your signature is just fine. You just need to make the frosted glass blend with the render and also the text so I won't rate it for now. EDIT: Those black flowing lines behind the render isn't a sad attempt to make hair, it's just to improve the flow.
  7. Hmm, simplicity.. I like it. 9/10 Anyways... rate below!
  8. We haven't had a good "post your IRL picture" in awhile. :wink:
  9. 9/10 Oh and JyroFizz, when can someone accept my application in the TagFlow forums?
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