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  1. Penspinning

    Gangster penspinning commercial. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S ... re=related
  2. Penspinning

    Yes, I haven't logged on in awhile and I just noticed this is a weak, I'll ask the mods to lock this.
  3. Penspinning

    Giving up on thumbaround and learning sonic normal first. *bangs head to wall* EDIT: Still remember the site where you learned sonic normal?
  4. Penspinning

    Still trying to learn how and failing badly at the thumbaround.
  5. Penspinning

    Don't know what penspinning is? A friend of mine from another school told me about penspinning during the 4th grade and tried to teach me how but failed miserably and gave up for a year. Now that we're in the same class again (We're supposed to stay in one class for the whole day 'cept breaks since the teachers go to our classrooms), I'm trying to learn how to penspin. During one of our subjects, our English teacher was amazed that my friend could do penspinning quite fast and gave up 10 minutes of her class just to learn how to penspin. We ended up having no quiz so it was rescheduled to next week. ------- Now, what is your view of penspinning? Is it waste of time if you spend your whole day penspinning when you could be going outside or you don't mind as it's a good hobby and it won't really hurt your social life?
  6. Rate the sig of the poster above you!

    You have been warned.
  7. The <off topic> thread

    Blooper's signature is the best signature made in PDN for me as of now. :wink:
  8. Rate the sig of the poster above you!

    8.5/10 The composition is good but the text could've been smaller. :\
  9. Quarantine [Movie] This is gonna be a really epic horror movie. REC was a great movie and I hope this too.
  10. Rate the sig of the poster above you!

    D3z - The fractal doesn't go well together with the signature and it attracts attention way too much. 7/10 Kemaru - At some parts, there are bits of :AntiAliasingOff: but it's still slick. 9/10 JJgunz - The render is too blurry and the background is a little bit "off" if you know what I mean. 8/10
  11. What kind of computer are you using?

    As of now, an Asus Ee PC with Linux as an OS.
  12. I'm sure everyone can relate to this. In my school, we don't use pens until 5th grade because the school underestimates our ability of cleanliness for some reason. The good thing I liked about pens is that I can buy 4 of them for very few and it will last for more than five months unlike pencils where I can burn 8 in two months. (Don't ask why. ) Now, do you think use of pencils (or pens) in school are worth it or not? Personally, I'd just rather stick with pencils especially mechanical pencils due to the fact that I can doodle a lot. (Practicing drawing hands during Math class -evil laugh-)
  13. The <off topic> thread

    It only works in vista with the pressure sensitivity.
  14. The Debate Thread 1.0: MMORPG

    Hopefully or I'll probably join my sister in america since she's taking up illustration as a master's degree.