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How can I make this? Latitude and Longitude lines

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Hey guys! 


I've got a question, hope you guys can help. I'm trying to do a 2d globe with the curved latitude and longitude lines, and want to see if there's perhaps a plugin or tutorial I can follow to make it look right. Knowing me, I'll end up with lines curving differently, or misspaced, or who knows what else... (If you don't know what I mean, I'm basically doing a flat 'world' image silhouette that has the lines/curves of latitude and longitude). Hope I explained what I'm trying to do clearly enough, and thanks for any help!

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Planetoid to the rescue!


Render your lat & long lines to the canvas, then run planetoid with all the layers turned off.







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Here is another way to skin the cat, or sphere in this case. 🙂


( I used BoltBait/s v4.5 of Grid Maker but could not find a link to where I got it.)


Make sure that Half Sphere Texture Map is selected in the Shape3D plugin if you like this straight on view.

You can uncheck the Lighting and the Specular Hilight boxes to get rid of the modeling effect upon the sphere.

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