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  1. Hadn't thought of that- tried since I had it in the plugin pack already, and it's a line... but still wavy. So now I'm stuck again on how to straighten the resulting wave...
  2. Hey, I'm trying to see what I can use to take an image that is a circle or loop, and straighten it into a line. I've looked around on here for anything, but haven't had any luck so far. Any ideas, or is what I'm trying to do not possible/complicated/<insert verbiage here I can't think of at the moment>? Uploaded image I'm trying to manipulate for visual necessity as I know I can be confusing when I try to explain something, even IRL... <facepalm x1000>
  3. Zneggalz


    Gave it a shot, and got something at least... Used as a background for an image I made, what do you guys think?
  4. What about bubbles for yelling/screaming? Kinda looking for that right now...
  5. So I'm trying to flip a selection on an image I'm working on, yet even with the "Flip Selection ___" from BoltBait's plugin, I lose part of my selection (It's not a square shape, but irregular). I was wondering if there were any tips or tricks I'm missing out on that could help me, from someonoe who knows what they're doing... Thanks in advance!
  6. Heyo! I'd say I'm still beginning-ish/intermediate level in terms of paint.net, but I love it! I'm not a new user (I joined the forums almost a year ago as I'm posting this), but starting to look at this more, so I may as well start sharing some of my art <in the appropriate place ofc :)>
  7. Hey guys! I've got a question, hope you guys can help. I'm trying to do a 2d globe with the curved latitude and longitude lines, and want to see if there's perhaps a plugin or tutorial I can follow to make it look right. Knowing me, I'll end up with lines curving differently, or misspaced, or who knows what else... (If you don't know what I mean, I'm basically doing a flat 'world' image silhouette that has the lines/curves of latitude and longitude). Hope I explained what I'm trying to do clearly enough, and thanks for any help!
  8. Kewl! Was just looking for something like this, and this gives much more! Kudos to all that contributed to this!
  9. Appreciate that! I'm definitely finding that to be the case.
  10. Thanks for this plugin! Just what I needed!
  11. Appreciate this list! As a fairly new PDN user, this will help me find ways to add in things I may find helpful- guidelines, for instance. Definitely worth bookmarking <which I have> and using as reference instead of Googling every time... <<No offense, Google... XD>>
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