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Edit the Colour

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Use the Recolor tool :RecoloringTool:


Here's how:

  1. Open the gray image.
  2. Activate the Color Picker tool :ColorPickerTool:
  3. Right-click on the darker gray portion of the icon to select the gray shade as the Secondary color.
  4. Set the Primary color to FF96DC (you can copy & paste the hex code into the color window's text box)sampling secondary.png
  5. Activate the Recolor tool :RecoloringTool:
  6. Set the toolbar option to Sampling Secondary sampling secondary.png
  7. Set the Brush width to something large like 60px
  8. With the left mouse button held down, cover the icon in large sweeping strokes until it's all recolored.


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I'm having trouble understanding what you are asking. I suspect English is not your first language?


Can you post an example of what you want to do?

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I'm still not sure, however I'll give you a couple of suggestions:


1. Save your image as a PNG because these images support transparency (JPG does not).


2. If you're deleting part of an image and you want to soften the edge where the transparent pixels appear, try AA's Assistant or BoltBait's Feather


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What tool are you using? Please give me a step-by-step guide to what you're doing.

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Try this:


1. open the image

2. activate the rectangle select tool :RectangleSelectTool:

3. Drag out a selection around the part of the image you want

4. Press Ctrl and Shift and X at the same time.

5. File > Save as... and save the image as a PNG by selecting the PNG extension from the dropdown list - don't type it in.


Does that work?


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If all the white were tranceparence, then gif-x would, even when jpg is wanted, do a bimp out of it with deep pink instead of transparency.

Here i have an example, what colour i want to remove now and get the tranceparency back.

(This problem appeared yesterday)


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If you are trying to remove the white background around EER you need to select the background using the Lasso Select tool and then press Delete. If you use the Magic wand to select the background you are also going to select EER's white pijamas and when you press Delete you will actually remove parts of EER's body.

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*nobody* removes my pajamas! :lol:

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Kittenkatja provide the circle with transparency on the right side. As the background is white we can't see it clearly. I copy/paste the image in paint.net an add a blue background.



I keep the top part as it is and work on the bottom part to remove the white.

Kittenkatja want to erase the white pixels. Antialias or Feather plugins aren't efficient enough.

Keep in mind the circle is an example from Kittenkatja and she want to use the solution on some other subject/object/pijamas.


I would suggest to Kittenkatja :

1. Showing the picture you are working on is better than doing expectations on a basic circle. Depending on the image the solution could be different.

2. If possible work on the largest image. The white pixels will be unsignificant after reduction.


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