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Tut request ( But not sure what to call it )

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I have searched but i dont really know what to call this effect .

It like when you have a image and behind it are all differnt colours and splatter and it just looks so cool.. Im sorry if im so vague but i just cant think off what its called i know i have seen it but just cant think now ..

If i find a image with it on i will post it ..

Hopefully someone will know what i mean :D

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Yeh i completaly forgot about that .

its slightly like that but more controlled and all differnt colours and actuall shapes.

ill have a search on the net tommorow.

Controlled: it's up to the user on how well one uses mouse or drawing tablet.

Colors: I think the plugin can do different colors

Shapes: ?What?


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Thanks but i have a problem ..

I got to My computer > :C > program Files > Paint.net

But the only folders i have are





And dont have teh folder that you install brushes into i have had lots of people explain it to me but i dont have the folder there all talking about please can you tell me whats wrong .

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o . . this is bad ..

I have a folder called "Downloaded Applications" in my documents were i put every program i download in but whenever i go in there now my pc freezes and for about 2 mins my icons and taskbar go away ........ :S

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