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  1. Wats the font called that you use ?
  2. Yeh peppers and onion are in it aswell . As is aid i missed some things out That sounds nice aswell
  3. I love the space one . How did you do the sorta black hole ?
  4. I think the smoke is the best part very nice
  5. It is a plugin because i never had it and i installed a few plugin packs and there it was ..
  6. There nice but WTH is the last one thats mingin'
  7. 9.5/10 Yoda is awesome and its very clean looking and the background is awesome. My try at dark knight >>
  8. 9/10 Cause really nice simple effect and the lettering is also good
  9. Pendulum atm . In silico and Hold your colour
  10. I love the sig 007nab iv tried a joker one but it always turns out baad
  11. Very nice work and very creative Wats the font called that you use on the first picture that says "LJXD'S Gallery" or something .
  12. Thats good but too dark and blurred. But better than i could do probs .
  13. Dont worry speed demon i ment both so you both helped me
  14. Thanks to you aswell LFC4EVER very helpful
  15. How do you put a link in your sig ? So if you click the picture it takes you to a website. And also people have like "My tut" or "My gallery" Underneath there sig and if you click those words it takes you to that webpage . How do you also do that? Thanks
  16. 9/1- Nice sig . I love the way its shaped and how it looks . I got a new sig now so rate it >>>
  17. 7/10 nice effect on the writing ( i know its simple) But you should add a little more.
  18. Nice ! But make the images smaller its annoying scrolling back and fourth.
  19. 7/10 Very nice but just not my style and i dont like the colours . But you have done well making that avatar
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