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  1. Pendulum atm . In silico and Hold your colour
  2. Sigh when ever i try i get the same problem
  3. Here are my results : Not what you did but i used the tutorials guidlines to make the cubes Thats my dog by the way
  4. Dont worry i was being a idiot its done im gonna try and make a few dice iv done one so ill post it when i have finshes it all
  5. Good tut but its hard to get it even right at the start im probs just being dull but its pooin me off cant get it even
  6. lol nice. You gonna sell it or use it ?
  7. lol they could engrave it on his grave stone .. But what a performace to go out with ..
  8. Anyone seen the dark knight? Best film of the year 10/10 asweome . Heath ledger was amazing in it . So was everyone else . Just amazing fil everyone go see it !
  9. How come my graident bars settings are differnt to yours?
  10. Nice and you can do all differnt colours ill try later
  11. Nice tut . But i cant do it i hate the magic wand every picture i use it wont select what i wont it just does the background aswell and i put it on %20 and it still happens ....
  12. Awesome But i prefer your siggy :o
  13. Cool very nice. I knew about them but didnt know the quality and all aspects so this helped
  14. Very nice tut , I did these two -
  15. Very nice tut This is what i got.. I decided i didnt want it all the same so i put a border on and used fragment on it and used jitter on the flame i think its come out well -
  16. "Select the black box and then select the second picture layer. Invert the selection and hit delete so all that remains is the picture that is in the shape of the box." I really dont get how to do this ... I select the black box layer then invert it then click the second picture layer and press deleate but them nothing happens... Please tell me the solution as id love to be able to do this.
  17. What i hate is when i say im from wales And they say wats wales.. Mainly people from like Texas that area lol
  18. Wow that effect looks good in any sig
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