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Printing More Than One Picture

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i have several hundred pictures and i want to print them as 3.5 x 5

but i want different picture in each of the 3.5 x 5 boxes

is there a way to do that - hopefully an easy way to do that

i already know how to do a whole sheet of the same picture.

and i'm not looking to merge pictures.

thank you for any advice. A tutorial would be great too.

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I'm not sure if I understood correctly...

You want to print a single picture on one sheet?


Most printers print in 300 dpi.

The first step is to create your own template: 3.5x5 in / 300dpi


1. File→New

Hidden Content:

2. Open a picture then Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C move to your template Ctrl+V and fit it into this template.

3. Print.

4. Go to step 2.



If your images have different resolution and different aspect ratio may get worse image when you fit into template.


Also, you can print multiple pictures on one sheet using several guide lines in another layer.

Before that you have to create a page template that is identical to the printer sheet and printer resolution.

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thank you for your response but no that is not my problem.

I print often enough to be able to adjust pics the way i want. The density of color is not my issue.

Let me explain it better.


when you do a printout you can select should it be

full size,

2 pics at 4 x 6

2 pics at 5x7

4 pics at 3.5 x5

9 pics at wallet size


but if you select say 2pics at 5x7 you get 2 of the SAME pics at 5x7 size

what i'm after is how can i select 2 totally DIFFERENT pictures at 5x7 ( or another way of saying ONE each of 2 different pictures at 5x7 )

in truth i'm after 3.5 x 5 so i can get 4 totally different pictures on ONE page of paper

thanks again i really do appreciate the offer to help.

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is there an unautomatic/unautomated way to do it ? not trying to be funny i just don't know what either is

i was kinda looking for copy/paste or drag and drop those are terms i understand

automatic/automated not so much


i get the impression that its not workable at all with paint.net

next question without hearing a loud gasp would be

is there another picture program that could do it ? Such as maybe Paint Shop Pro ?

i'm way too poor and simple minded for adobe


no matter what i do thank you for the replies

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i kinda doubt it

i could be wrong but it looks like what it does is take layers of the SAME picture and putting them together in multiple pictures a page.

That is not what i am after.

i had hoped i said it correctly i'll try another way of saying it

i want to take 4 totally different pictures. Not  layers of the same picture.

4 four totally different untouched pictures and put them all on one page as

four 3.5 ''x 5 '' and then print them

not looking to layer, not looking to change density or anything else.

just put four different pictures as 3.5 x 5  as a print out.on one page.

its looking like that is not possible with program

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lets say its an 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper

print net allow a printout of FOUR 3.5 x 5 pictures

now instead of it being FOUR pictures of PICTURE A sized 3.5 x 5

i'm looking to put

PICTURE A in one of those four 3.5 x 5

PICTURE B in one of those four 3.5 x 5

PICTURE C in one of those four 3.5 x 5

PICTURE D in one of those four 3.5 x 5

forget the color, density, layers , or any other kind of adjustment

these are FOUR totally DIFFERENT pictures

ok i hope that all helps i think i ran out of ways to describe what i'm trying to do.

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I have not seen any tools in Paint.net that will allow you to print your pictures the way you want (without importing them to layers). Recently a bunch of kids from a school needed passport photos. I saved them some money by making a template I took their photos, placed them in my template and then I sent them to the local supermarkets' photo printer. They paid less than 19 cents per photo and they were all accepted by the government agency..


But I think you do not want to deal with layers so this suggestion may not be useful for you. 



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i could be wrong but it looks like what it does is take layers of the SAME picture and putting them together in multiple pictures a page.

You are wrong :D;) 

With TR's sprite sheet matrix, different pictures on different layers (of one .pdn file) get exported as one big .png. ... try it, I think it should solve your problem.


(+ remember it is a file type plugin - put it in the file types folder and you should see that option when you go to save).


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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garyckur,  I know exactly what you want to do and I don't think it can be done without making a layered file similar to what Eli described above.


It doesn't matter what app or software you are printing from, you are limited to what your printer software can do. If there is a program out there that can do what you want, I am unaware of it.


And if there is, it is a highly specialized app.


Or maybe try Red's suggestion...!      :)

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i've had problems in the past d/l zip files

and i'm not keen on a zillion steps to do something that should be simple

layering seems over my head


i did look at paint shop pro and they make it sounds real simple to

do what i'm looking to do.

the big problem is the cost. that is one reason  I love paint.net

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like you i don't think the printer is the problem that was someone else that suggested it  See post #12

i'm looking closely at your image and the pics don't look equal in size

how did you select 4 different pics all at once ?

when i tried i had to do it one at a time.

now how did you get 4 different pics onto one page and why are they not equal in size ?

That is a major point

i'm looking to take say 4 separate pictures put them on one page where they are all equal in size 3.5 x 5

and then print them out. NOT in different shapes or sizes.

i don't know how else to say that. No one seems to understand that.

i'm thankful for everyone wanting to help but it seems no one can.

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To select all the images in your folder just press CTRL + A.

To select or pick  some images just press CtTRL and make a Click with your mouse.


Why they are not equal in size? They are not because they are not. The ones with a black border are squares and the house is rectangular. And why the house does not cover the gray area on the sides? Well, it is because the image is not a 3.5x5 inches.


You need to resize your images to the size you want to print. You also need to take in account orientation (Horizontal/Vertical)

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i need a much better StepByStep

i did the ctl+A and that worked

but when i choose the 3.5x5 format to print only one pic of the 4 pics showed up for printing on the format


also i never had to resize pics when i choose whichever layout i wanted it always went to that size proportionally

of course that can mean a smaller or larger border around it but it always fits in the size.IE 3.5 x 5

However now i'm looking to mix up different pics on a page and not have 4 pics of the same picture


anyway this is the closes i came to what i want.

Now if only the other 3 pics show up on the layout

i must be missing one of your steps

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here is my StepByStep tell me where i went wrong


Open Paint.net

go to file open

pics i want are in a folder called Bernie in my windows 10 explorer

ctl + A on Bernie

select open to send them to Paint.net

all 4 pics are now in paint.net

go to file in paint.net

select print

select 3.5x5

but only one of the 4 show up and it only prints that one an paper as 3.5x5

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On my last post I did not even had to use Paint.net. Just use windows explorer and send them from there to your printer.


You can not import several photos into Paint.net at the same time. You need to do it one by one.

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that did NOT work

i even closed paint.net and tried it and it still did not work.

i only had windows explorer open nothing else

i then did the ctl+ A on to highlight the four pics and then clicked on Print

the second i clicked on PRINT while in Windows Explorer it opened up Print.Net and right back to just one of the four on a page

it totally does not work

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i found the missing steps or i should say CORRECT steps

Go to Windows Explorer

pics i want are in a folder called Bernie in my windows 10 explorer

Go to each picture PROPERTIES

Change to open in WINDOWS EXPLORER and not Print .net

ctl + A on Bernie

select print

all 4 pics are now in printer

select 3.5x5

one picture was slightly too big but i can tinker with size later and get it right.

all these pics came off a camera phone so they are all very close in size

once i get the exact size down right it should be good for all of them

Thanks Eli for all you help your comment that you did it all through Explorer was the clue i needed

thanks everyone who helped as well -  process of elimination is just as important in finding a solution as the solution itself

Quite often those bits of knowledge are useful elsewhere too.



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This worked for me for what I needed.  I copied and pasted four pictures to my word document.  Easy to resize them there, or if you want to resize with paint.net

do that first then copy and pasted to word document.  Then just print that full page on premium picture paper.  Mine came out just fine..

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