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The Tag Maker of the Month; Comp 1 - BoltBait Wins!

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The Sig/Tag Maker of the Month

Comp 1

Deadline: July 14th

This thread for entries only. Discussion is here.

Voting thread: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=25620

TstMM is a competition combining the Sig of the Week and Photo Manip. In this competition, you are given a stock, render, etc. You might be given a brush pack you can only use, but not this month. Then you have to make a photoshop-like sig/tag.

Tag;N: A photo edited to give a focal point, flow, text, border, deph, etc. Usually based upon a stock or render. Usually edited in Adobe Photoshop or The Gimp or Paint.NET. ~Dictionary of tHs


1- No outside stocks, renders, or any other kind of outside image.

2- You are allowed to use C4Ds.

3- Link to brushes and C4Ds must be given.

4- You do not have to use brushes/C4Ds.. you can always just 100% PdN it.

5- Resizing is fine. BUT maximum dimensions are: 150w x 500h [board rules]

Stock/Render this week:


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I'm not sure what "C4D's" are, but here is my entry:


I fear... I won't win. :mrgreen:

It appears that my fears were unfounded. 8)


Thanks for all the votes, everyone!

I would also like to appologize to CommanderSozo because he should have won. :D

BTW, this is my first contest win on the PdN board!

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