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  1. I dont think my 'keep it simple and make an impact' mentality will win this comp but I'd still like to see if I can get 2nd or 3rd place. Is the voting ever going to happen? How will it happen? Are the 'judges' deliberating as we speak, or will it be a public vote? I think I read something about it being public, so... when?
  2. I have had about 6 burgers in the last four days. :shock: :x or 8) ?
  3. 10/10 amazing! I've seen and checked out your stuff before. I wish I could do what you do!
  4. ^ Wrong! I've actually seen and checked out your stuff before. I wish I could do what you do! < Should be working! v Should be working?
  5. c = Common plugins c^2 = Pyrochild's plugins (exponentially better) m = Me E = Eternal joy, derived from great works of digital art boosted by amazing plugins E = mc^2 'nuff said. Thanks, Pyro! 8)
  6. Interesting plugin! Be prepared for a PM! :wink:
  7. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I do work fast. I must say, having BoltBait's tutorials and "C++ for Dummies" available is very helpful. :wink: Well, this is a good plugin. Have you tried it yet? I use it all the time. I am aware that I rushed too quickly to publish. Color Target v1.3 is very useful. The other effects are included because they are useful, but only in specific colour/brightness circumstances. Because of it's usefulness, I will leave it as is and keep developing it behind the scenes. If and when I come up with something brilliant, then I will re-publish, but that wont be soon.
  8. Updated! Color Target v1.0 is now obsolete. The original post now has a link to the new Color Target Plugin Pack, which includes Color Target v1.3. I hope you enjoy these new effects. Please feel free to post anything that you have made using these tools right here. Thanks.
  9. I got tired of working on this! Here's how far I got before my patience ran out:
  10. Excellent tutorial! Here's my semi-proper attempt:
  11. Nice plugin! When I need to input symbols, now I don't need to abuse MSWord anymore! :wink:
  12. I am amazed at your super-quick response! Thanks! Did someone shine this above you? :wink: I hope this turns out to be helpful. I'm quite pleased with my red bear, although the amazon river demo turned out to be very ugly.
  13. Updated! My first plugin is already obsolete! You can just attach the *.zip file to the original post. See the bottom of the post editor, just under the submit button is a file attachment area. click the browse button to upload directly from your computer and attach to the post. Ahh, I didn't know that. However, I remember faintly something about all plugins having to be hosted off site. (I better re-check the rules!) Coding a checkbox is reasonably easy once you know how. Check out my WhichSymbol code here for checkbox syntax: viewtopic.php?p=194899#p194899Thanks for the plugin! Thank you for reading/testing/commenting! I hope this new version turns out to be more useful!
  14. Fixed! Plus this time round, I used a better file storage provider. I'm trying to get my head around v1.1 which wll include a check box to 'Make Transparent' as opposed to 'Make Opaque'. An idea for further in the future is to 'squeeze' the Alpha values instead of simply making them totally opaque or totally transparent. Just a thought at the moment.
  15. Seasons Greetings! The Color Target Plugin Pack started off as 'Make Opaque' and developed into 'Color Target v1.0'. Successive versions of Color Target v1.0 (versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3) differ somewhat in their function, and thus became separate effects in their own right. This is the newest version of Color Target. Color Target Plugin Pack 13th July 2008 Unzip the file to your Paint.NET/Effects folder. (Normally, this is C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects) Open Paint.NET, and find the effects in the Effects>Colors menu. Color Target v1.3 (ColorTargetV13.dll) Use the Color Picker tool on the area to be retained. Color Target 1.3 retains pixels of a similar color and brightness, according to slider settings. All other pixels are made transparent. Color Target is the crowning achievement of this plugin pack; I urge you to try it on a photograph of yourself. Color Stretch v1.0 (ColorStretchV10.dll) (Formerly "Color Target 1.1") Color Stretch 1.0 enables the artist to stretch color values of pixels within specified threshold limits. Target Panel v1.0 (TargetPanelV10.dll) (Formerly "Color Target 1.1") Target Panel 1.0 is an advanced color manipulation tool. The daunting interface includes sixteen sliders: Eight for input, and eight for output. This tool works, but is not user-friendly. Here is a couple of demonstrations for Color Target v1.3 Here's a older demonstration of Color Target v1.0 (now obsolete and replaced by Color Target v1.3): Hidden Content: Here's a 'power-user' tutorial for the bear pic using Color Target v1.0: Get bear pic; Duplicate layer; Layer 1 - Black&White; Layer 2 - Hue/Sat (0,200,0), Hue/Sat (0,200,0), Color Target (0,255,0,0), Color Target (0,255,0,1), Gaussian Blur 6, Set layer to 'Multiply'. The user is required to use other Paint.NET skills in conjunction with these effects. Any effect is only as good as the artist. Common sense is mandatory! :wink: In an effort to keep things tidy, I have decided to delete the previous original post for 'Make Opaque' and 'Color Target v1.0'. My apologies to all those who commented below on the previous versions. For newer readers, keep in mind that any comments before 13th July 2008, are in reference to the older versions of the effect. Also, I recommend that any '.dll' files of older versions of Color Target or Make Opaque be deleted, as they are now obsolete. I hope you enjoy making use of these tools. 8) ColorTargetPluginPack130708.zip
  16. @Boltbait (or any other kind expert) Firstly, thanks again. There's been some great progress. I managed to chop parts from the thread you linked to and put something together that worked. Well... produced a result. Here is the revised code as it stands: #region UICode //int Amount1=0; //[0,100]Slider 1 Description //int Amount2=0; //[0,100]Slider 2 Description //int Amount3=0; //[0,100]Slider 3 Description #endregion void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { PdnRegion selectionRegion = EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(src.Bounds); ColorBgra CurrentPixel; int PixelCat; for(int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++) { CurrentPixel = src[x,y]; PixelCat = 0; // This variable is reset to 0 for each pixel render. if ( (x>0 && x0 && y { if (selectionRegion.IsVisible(x-1, y)) PixelCat++; if (selectionRegion.IsVisible(x, y-1)) PixelCat++; if (selectionRegion.IsVisible(x+1, y)) PixelCat++; if (selectionRegion.IsVisible(x, y+1)) PixelCat++; // Here, we assign values of transparency, yellow, or purple back to CurrentPixel. if (PixelCat == 0) CurrentPixel = ColorBgra.FromBgra(0,0,0,0); if (PixelCat == 1) CurrentPixel = ColorBgra.FromBgra(0,255,255,255); if (PixelCat > 1) CurrentPixel = ColorBgra.FromBgra(255,0,255,255); } dst[x,y] = CurrentPixel; } } } The result is that it turns the entire layer purple, except for when either x or y = 0. I'm pretty sure the problem is - my if statements are wrong and they are adding 1 to PixelCat regardless of conditions. I tested the "if (PixelCat > 1)..." line and basically every time PixelCat got to those final if statements, it had a value of 4. or, - I'm using selectionRegion.IsVisible the wrong way or it is simply the wrong function for this purpose. When I replaced the '!' back in (as in "!selectionRegion.IsVisible"), the whole screen remained black, again, except for when either x or y = 0. I think "if (selectionRegion.IsVisible(...))" is returning true for everything! :shock: Is there anywhere I can see a list of functions like 'selectionRegion.IsVisible'? Kind of like a 'function encyclopedia', if you see what I mean? PdN forum search and google yielded very little on this. To be honest I dont even know exactly what 'selectionRegion.IsVisible' does. :? Boltbait, or any other kind expert in these matters, please shed thy wisdom, I beg of thee! Thanks in advance. Just in case you're wondering... PixelCat = "Pixel Category", not...
  17. Wow! Thank you! Erm... I don't mean to be a pain, but in the code you linked to ("Outline"), I can't see where the code checks to see if the neighbouring pixels are transparent or not. Can you point me to the line that does this please? Once again, sorry to be a pain! :oops: [edit] Scratch that! I was looking at the wrong code! :shock: :x
  18. Seasons Greetings! I am trying my luck in codelab, and I'm trying to make a simple effect that detects if the adjacent pixels are transparent or not. No matter what I do, codelab runs the code fine, but it has no effect whatsoever on the layer I'm applying it to. :x I think I must be missing something plainly obvious, or something very subtle. I've read through the forums, checked I'm saving and building correctly, and making sure my layer has random opaque squiggles all over it (surrounded by transparency). Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Please? #region UICode int Amount1=0; //[0,100]Slider 1 Description int Amount2=0; //[0,100]Slider 2 Description int Amount3=0; //[0,100]Slider 3 Description #endregion void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { ... ColorBgra CurrentPixel; ColorBgra LeftPixel; ColorBgra RightPixel; ColorBgra UpPixel; ColorBgra DownPixel; int PixelCat; for(int y = rect.Top + 1; y < rect.Bottom - 1; y++) { for (int x = rect.Left + 1; x < rect.Right - 1; x++) { // Here, we're grabbing the BGRA values from src[x,y] and it's neighbours. CurrentPixel = src[x,y]; LeftPixel = src[x - 1,y]; RightPixel = src[x + 1,y]; UpPixel = src[x,y - 1]; DownPixel = src[x,y + 1]; PixelCat = 0; // This variable is reset to 0 for each pixel render. // Here, we add 1 to PixelCat for each of the adjacent pixels that have Alpha over 0. if (LeftPixel.A > 0) PixelCat++; if (RightPixel.A > 0) PixelCat++; if (UpPixel.A > 0) PixelCat++; if (DownPixel.A > 0) PixelCat++; // Here, we... erm... recompile?... values of transparency, yellow, or purple back to CurrentPixel. if (PixelCat == 0) CurrentPixel = ColorBgra.FromBgra(0,0,0,0); if (PixelCat == 1) CurrentPixel = ColorBgra.FromBgra(0,255,255,255); if (PixelCat > 1) CurrentPixel = ColorBgra.FromBgra(255,0,255,255); dst[x,y] = CurrentPixel; } } } Any help is appreciated! [edit] Uuuurrghhh! The quote function removed the space before the beginning of each line! :x I know these are correct, so please assume so if possible. Thanks.
  19. A screen name is just a screen name. Any decent-quality website asks for your real name and then lets you choose a screen name. I have no problem being accountable for my actions/words, but I still prefer to use a screen name. Conspiracy theorists would have a field day with this, saying that the elitist media have use stories like this to destroy internet anonymity, and thus kerb the freedom of speech. I think they are on to something. Let's pretend for a moment that I'm a emo teenager and I cut my wrists with a kitchen knife because my favourite sideways-haircut 'rock' band broke up. Does that mean the band are to blame? Should kitchen knives be banned? Stupid people do stupid things, and ruin it for the rest of us. Great parents. They did everything to protect their daughter except teach her to use her brain and face up to life. They controlled every element of her life instead of teaching her to control it herself. This kind of soft, overprotective parenting is just as bad as tough or negligent parenting. Honest and engaging parenting is really the only kind of good parenting; The kind that teaches kids to face up to reality, rise above idiots like Lori Drew, and understand that what happens when you're 13 is ancient history by the time you're 15. I'm 28, and I can barely remember anything or anyone from those days. (except the time that tramp tried to molest me until my friend snuck up behind him and whacked him over the head with his skateboard ROFL!)
  20. Thanks for this amazing tutorial! Here's my quick attempt: I want to make a really high quality pic like you did, so I'll give this tutorial a 800x600 re-try when I've had more sleep.
  21. I am sick and tired of this ad!! Someone please get this woman a coat/facelift/mortgage/whatever the hell she wants!
  22. I have this recurring nightmare that I wake up one day and I suddenly realise that my entire youth has whizzed by me in a flash, and that I'm now fat, bored, and in my late 20s. Oh... wait... :?
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