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  1. I dont think my 'keep it simple and make an impact' mentality will win this comp but I'd still like to see if I can get 2nd or 3rd place. Is the voting ever going to happen? How will it happen? Are the 'judges' deliberating as we speak, or will it be a public vote? I think I read something about it being public, so... when?
  2. I have had about 6 burgers in the last four days. :shock: :x or 8) ?
  3. 10/10 amazing! I've seen and checked out your stuff before. I wish I could do what you do!
  4. ^ Wrong! I've actually seen and checked out your stuff before. I wish I could do what you do! < Should be working! v Should be working?
  5. c = Common plugins c^2 = Pyrochild's plugins (exponentially better) m = Me E = Eternal joy, derived from great works of digital art boosted by amazing plugins E = mc^2 'nuff said. Thanks, Pyro! 8)
  6. Interesting plugin! Be prepared for a PM! :wink:
  7. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I do work fast. I must say, having BoltBait's tutorials and "C++ for Dummies" available is very helpful. :wink: Well, this is a good plugin. Have you tried it yet? I use it all the time. I am aware that I rushed too quickly to publish. Color Target v1.3 is very useful. The other effects are included because they are useful, but only in specific colour/brightness circumstances. Because of it's usefulness, I will leave it as is and keep developing it behind the scenes. If and when I come up with something brilliant, then I will re-publish, but that wont be soon.
  8. Updated! Color Target v1.0 is now obsolete. The original post now has a link to the new Color Target Plugin Pack, which includes Color Target v1.3. I hope you enjoy these new effects. Please feel free to post anything that you have made using these tools right here. Thanks.
  9. I got tired of working on this! Here's how far I got before my patience ran out:
  10. Excellent tutorial! Here's my semi-proper attempt:
  11. Nice plugin! When I need to input symbols, now I don't need to abuse MSWord anymore! :wink:
  12. I am amazed at your super-quick response! Thanks! Did someone shine this above you? :wink: I hope this turns out to be helpful. I'm quite pleased with my red bear, although the amazon river demo turned out to be very ugly.
  13. Updated! My first plugin is already obsolete! You can just attach the *.zip file to the original post. See the bottom of the post editor, just under the submit button is a file attachment area. click the browse button to upload directly from your computer and attach to the post. Ahh, I didn't know that. However, I remember faintly something about all plugins having to be hosted off site. (I better re-check the rules!) Coding a checkbox is reasonably easy once you know how. Check out my WhichSymbol code here for checkbox syntax: viewtopic.php?p=194899#p194899Thanks for the plugin! Thank you for reading/testing/commenting! I hope this new version turns out to be more useful!
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