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  1. I have had about 6 burgers in the last four days. :shock: :x or 8) ?
  2. 10/10 amazing! I've seen and checked out your stuff before. I wish I could do what you do!
  3. ^ Wrong! I've actually seen and checked out your stuff before. I wish I could do what you do! < Should be working! v Should be working?
  4. c = Common plugins c^2 = Pyrochild's plugins (exponentially better) m = Me E = Eternal joy, derived from great works of digital art boosted by amazing plugins E = mc^2 'nuff said. Thanks, Pyro! 8)
  5. I am sick and tired of this ad!! Someone please get this woman a coat/facelift/mortgage/whatever the hell she wants!
  6. ^ Doesn't watch much TV. < Has chosen not to own a TV, because TV is all pointless trash. v Watches 3 hours of TV every day. [edit] I just realised, my 'three green triangles' sig is somehow appropriate for the ^ < v game! :shock:
  7. I now officially admire you, Crimson. These pieces are amazing. :shock: So I'm going to spend hours of my life trying to figure out how you've done some of the amazing things in this gallery!
  8. :shock: :shock: :shock: Wow, I really am a noob! This is amazing; Thanks for the wisdom, Expired!
  9. I loved your nuclear explosion image. Great choice, using that over-sanitised windows standard wallpaper The 'going crazy' skeleton made me chuckle somewhat.
  10. I like the glassy effect you put over the hero that is Ronaldinho Gaucho! However, I think you could have done a more things with it. So 8/10. 8) [edit] Whoever posts next, remember that it is actually me in my avatar picture.
  11. Woo! I love images with hidden meaning! I like how you have the yingyang symbol in the center (IE your center is balanced) and how the eye on the left is a negative image of the eye on the right, symbolizing opposites. I dont mean to get emotional, but that's a 10/10 8)
  12. ^ Is also wrong < Is typing his third post on this forum v Is a mathematical genius!
  13. Wooo nice! I'm definitely going to be taking a second look at this tutorial when the time comes. :wink:
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