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  1. Oh Gad the pressure of another deadline, How will I ever cope? Have Fun Sat. Pixey part 2---- OK because of my love of history and aircraft of all eras My favorite place would be with Lindbergh as he readied for his trans Atlantic crossing
  2. Oh YEA! I may be able to get my act corralled [note: Not together- yet] p.s. Good to see your still painting, very attractive.
  3. Thank You Seerose. coming from a talent like you, it means a lot.
  4. Pixey

    Do You think this would be suitable?


    As to the next SOTW#167  I thought a good one would be " Your Favorite  Place  Signature"

    Basically, you will make a signature based on your favorite, or a famous place.  For example:  The Eiffel Tower, 

    The Grand Canyon, The Great Barrier Reef, Hokitika Gorge , The Czars Place, 221B Baker Street, Calgary Stampede, Chichen-Itza, The Great Wall of China, Cliffs of Moher,Oresund bridge, Rosendal Palace, and so on  and so on.;)

    The only the limits are those as required by the Paint dot Net rules, for the places. This gives members a chance to explore their own country's places  or anyone else's. Wherever in the world where their interests take them.

    Think about it and get creative, you can feature a place(s) you admire.

    1. Scooter




      I'm such an idiot......I meant this to be a message not some darn status update......getsmileyCAC3L3QS.gif

  5. a re try' cause of a problem (I know its me, but don't worry I'll just flail alone on my own)
  6. hippiechos OK, good to know. It may be a matter (SOOO easy for me to say ) of getting the symbol to "sink" into the stone by rethinking the color of its edges the current very dark ones seem to be there to define only the symbol, not to indicate the "walls" of the stone surrounding it. Perhaps thinking of "cutting into the stone" the shape you want, achieve that; Then create the symbol "in the cut out portion." This could guide your choices of color and shadow and reflections (if any). Let us know of your progress, it IS an interesting problem.
  7. orbitingjupiter, Well Done . Nice "melding" of the text and the graphics. Show us more when you can. We are here to help, encourage, and give you honest critiques of your work. All with the goal of helping you become even more accomplished as an artist.
  8. Well thank you again for saving my balcony er ham er bacon! I am still having small issues with this new computer and getting all the electrons to line up and behave is like herding cats in a black room with a blind fold on. But I have faith that it will work out .......someday. Your a good friend to have; Thank you again for the life ring as I float down stream HAY! you darn spellll chequer gat back hear. and strayenten up.......... Dag nabitttt
  9. You show a great talent with your book covers. If I may, offer my own thoughts on your conundrum with the Sovereign cover. [Note: Please feel completely free to ignore any or all of the following. I only offer it in the hopes you will be less burdened and your husband can go back to sleep. ] Book three seems to be the only cover which has the stone background not "involved" with the rest of the element(s) (i.e. the "cracks showing through in book one, the cutouts of book two, the separation of sky from stone on book four.) With this book the "emblem" seems to be neither on the stone or above the stone, it's just there. Perhaps adding a shadow to show the emblem up over the stone or making the emblem seem more grounded with the stone/cracks slightly reflecting in the metal as it rests on the stone could make it seem more cohesive with the others. Remember, regardless of your decision, I really like your covers,
  10. Today My new /replacement computer is on line. the excitement of a new computer is tempered with the need to re-down load all the Effects  that were "lost" in the shuffle- Oh well on word and up weird --sorta


    1. LionsDragon


      Congrats on the new computer! Sad about the other one though.... :(



  11. Pixey, MJW thank you both for your help. My old computer died a quick and hard death and I just today got my new one up and running. I did change the size of the entry, per Pixey's kind message. Again thanks for "having my back" in this confusing/crazy time, for yours truly.
  12. As another of the first to receive a message from my new replacement computer -Oh, I say, well done on your " Foggy Day in London Town" (sounds like a song-hummm)
  13. Ishi, I hope you are making progress. All the advice so far is what I would have said as well. My suggestion would be to just let your imagination flow on to the screen. Each attempt and trial will yield even more ideas and directions to go in. All of that is good, as you will create a large amount of things to pick and choose from. Also do not be afraid to ask someone else their opinion of your idea(s) , like a friend, neighbor, a clerk in the store, anybody, as they may see things you had not realized were even there. It could go from "it stinks" to " it's magnificent"; but more than likely somewhere in between. Then you can rework those areas and incorporate new ideas in your revised work. As my old commercial art teacher would say "try anything, revise everything, throw out anything that is not 'perfect', then start again" The idea was to develop you ideas, but don't be afraid to toss out a favorite idea and replace it with an even better idea. Let us know how your doing, it sounds like a great project.
  14. Well Said. LionsD of course its not fair (you do such good work and now with two mighty fine entry's). Good thing I not the jealous type [well I Am, but what the heck]. Good Talent like yours shouldn't be put under a bushel basket (besides I'm taking up most of the room in there ) To ALL and sundry: Humblest apologies for the double entry in the "contest arena". I Didn't realize I did that- I'm such a goof some times- but guess I'll just let remain (unless one of the Mighty-Cool-Mods wants to blast it to smithereens -er- delete it.) Oh!, And Not the Second one, please--It's my entry (just in case you were confused) Remember: All you talented PDN'ers, don't forget to vote for me , your favorite, come election day.
  15. Dear Pixey Your wish is my command. Sorry, got caught up counting tumble weeds and totally forgot the time. . P.S. in California its 2017, so did I make the dead line?
  16. 1-Yes Tried it, Didn't know what I was supposed to DO with it, but it works just fine. The resulting page of clouds were nice, so I just used "eraser" and combined the result with another picture and there had a "canceled" picture. Which I promptly deleted 2-Hadn'ta clue 3- Waaaay back there, when paint.net was just three colors and a brush () 4- Now that I know the origin, I can go back and use it more effectively. Nice job of work.
  17. Oh, Great, I can't make a stamp come out very good, but now at least I can Cancel It... Seriously, toe_head Good Job - Thanks
  18. A Second Place, oh wow ! Thank You, Very much for your votes. All so, Heartiest congratulations to Pixey, Beta0, dipstick and AndrewDavid on your fine entry's.
  19. Now just you wait a dog-gon-minuet! Crochet? Coffee? Space Aliens? What the heck has this here fine gallery sunk to? ...................Oh, wait, sorry, It's your gallery, Hehehe uh, never mind .....OOOK....I'll just go over here in the corner, and watch the paint dry. p.s. it's all p.p.s. I really like your "self portrait" too.
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