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  1. "Uh, Tower this is Golf Delta Victor 378-I hear a loud roaring sound in my headphones. Could you give me a visual? My instruments show no errors" and the tower says "Sigh--------Sierra Foxtrot Alpha 2 niner 74- you have traffic on the runway, Please hold "
  2. You will be relieved I found the other half. Now with the complete phone number I can claim the reward -- OH Joy!!
  3. All Paint. net, with stuff I have no idea how to use-so I did it any way👨‍🦳
  4. Seerose with your talent you're going to create a spectacular creation. As we all have learned not every Santa Claus has to be the old American Coca Cola version, seen around the world. There is a multitude of possibilities you can "draw" from. Now go get 'em, You can do it.
  5. It is all ways the " All Wise Prophet that is unable to make family shoes that fit"....'er som'thing like that. But Take HEART- we of the inter net-ian webber pages, WE understand and find that your sense of humors are like a very Fine Wine----well, at least a basic grape juice- But I regress- Never worry about the acceptance by family and friends---We your loyal and stalwart Strange-ers will always accept you as your are----though wearing just a night cap and night shirt may be just a bit much for that daily stroll 'bout the village. For now I must, AWAY! to fined the most elusive Wood Chuck-------Tootles ! [note: Oh Look! My new best friends have come in to retighten the straps on me "special" shirt--so nice they care]
  6. Well as a "first-time-back- in-a-dogs-age-er" I would love to say how nice it is to see that Welshblue is still at his old tricks of hilariousness. With the new line of "portraits" (i.e. the post above with …"(I'd swear @Ego Eram Reputo is moonlighting 😜) " able to still cause scandal and merriment to all. Nicely done good sir.
  7. It very pretty. It has a nice "harmony" . Well Done. But if is a restaurant across the street why can't I read the menu in the window?......Oh, Wait I get it, this is like one of those, alligators- er- Allegories ☺️
  8. To all my friends here a belated Merry/Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. Things in the south of California have been well. we even had rain--No Joke (see what I did there?) For all of your wonderful, witty, hilarious, and down right funny entry's, Many thanks for the snicker, chortle, ga-fagh and hysterical laughing . I thank You all. so in keeping with the theme of this forum (did ya notice it comes out as For Rum --Must be a hold over from the days of the Ol' Sea Dogs) And lastly....
  9. Gees another thing you blame us Yanks for! An' just so you will know, I have read the books of Shakespeare and Dr. Watson and I tried Chaucer but the words were spelled funny - type setters error most likely. So, Set that in your bath water and smok...oops lost the old train of thought...again Well, so to make up for it . HERE
  10. Well just look at you, you Artist from out of the north woods (euphemistically speaking). You get a major [Note - no I didn't make it- I don't know how....yet]
  11. Just My But I have to agree with WelshBlue. The comparison of the beginnings to current is impressive. Perhaps you could "date" the older ones to avoid confusion and allow the viewer to see the progression in context.
  12. Pixey Once again you have turned a tutorial in to a, bejeweled wonder. Very beautiful creation. p.s. and I like it too
  13. Yes! Pixey, you are completely Correct. It seems as I was forced by Alien Beings from the planet Zorch to put it in the incorrect location....OR...I messed up...your choice Sorry too to Ego Eram Reputo for causing him any undue confusion or angst. My most humble apology's my Liege
  14. Trying to learn Pixy's crumpled paper.....got off track and well, heck I like it
  15. OOOH so much to learn, so much to try, so much to experiment with , So Much.....Thanks guys?
  16. I thought New Zealand had "shear" Baaaa-d taste in "penning" that title on themselves. Wool-d not want to see ewe all feeling sheepish over it.
  17. I guess my Equirectangular-ness is more of a Circumlocution-ness. Feeling silly now. ORIGNAL Feeble attempt (yes I added the drain cover)
  18. To You... For those long winded trouble shooting messages with tech support Just sending you a quick note: Your Fumble Savant
  19. OH I'm SO SORRY; I was in a bit of a rush and I never even thought (a condition I'm all too familiar with ), that I was not playing "up to scratch" So to try to come crawling and sniveling back into your good graces, I offer to you a small token ( I know I used it before , but it still cracks me up)
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