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  1. Minners use of Tom and Jerry is clever. nitenurse, for a signature, is much more legible Minners71 - 1 Nitenurse79 - 1
  2. due to the well done color fade minners71 = 1 NinjaManDan21 = 0
  3. I cleared my post for my noncompliance with the rules- will do better next time---Apology's
  4. Apology's for not being clearer; nitenurse79 is correct, the voting from the two of us combined, IS: minners71 - 2 Xzerizon - 0
  5. OK; ONE whole vote for....... minners71 due to the controlled color gradation used and the "movement" of figure arm, the stars and 3d shield as well Xzerizon, sorry, I like yours, but can only vote for one
  6. nitenurse79 just a thought to play off minners71s idea. Perhaps an "other world-ly" background to the inside of the frame. i.e. (got it from a free pictures by Hubble Telescope site) As your sub fits into the same perspective angles as the frame it looks just right. IMHO
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