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  1. Gee whizz LD you just keep springing new nuggets of gold on us. The David Bowie is very well done the color, composition and the background all serve to give the piece a dramatic flare, like would be seen in a live performance . ??? However, forgive me but I (this is ME only) am less enthusiastic about the Isgerdr drawing. I have trouble "seeing" the creature, I see the lighting bolts (great job) I see the beautiful blues, aquas and the interesting patterning of the darks; But I just don't find your dragon. Though given, I was here watching the last dinosaurs fade into oblivion, it is most likely I'm full of stuff and nonsense and not able to see the trees for the forest. Regardless keep up doing what you do.❤ I enjoy seeing your progress and most interesting take on things PDN? .
  2. Thank You midora, pixey and all the other PDN friends for giving me the courage to try thisI present to you the first ever showing of ....BUN RABBITT OK I know shes running back wards , but hay it's only the first one
  3. OK, Given that I still think lap tops are where kittens sit and a desk top is to hold my Commodore 64 and my dial phone, What is the advantage/big deal/big whoop about getting paint. net on the Windows store? More exposure to acquire more new usurers? , a way to charge $ so Rick can by a new Tesla (KIDDING Rick) Seriously though: why?
  4. Maybe "shadow coins" just like my real world money disappears
  5. This was fun-- Let's do it again!
  6. Thank you all for the votes AND to sashwilko, congratulations as well, an honor to be in your company To all the other winners and Pixey Congratulations and Well Done.
  7. OK I tried it and because I are an bit of a village idiot, it took a while to get it right (NOT Red Ochres fault ). so here is #1 ( as directions called for) Then because even I had trouble "seeing" the original, I did another version with an addition of a second layer (of the original subject); changed the blend mode to overlay and reduced the opacity by "? just enough?" . looks a bit more like a Model T Ford I tired now need to go nap time TOOTLES
  8. By golly you're right! it is you -- -OH and Thank You for the reminder
  9. To use a system that is designed to function in a certain manner, and compare it to another system that is designed differently, all the while complaining that each system is different, seems to make ones basic argument both moot and illogical. It would seem to be a less stressful use of time to celebrate the differences, using each program for its strengths and not trying to advocate a change for some esoteric use. But then I don't understand how come India Ink is used in drafting pens and calligraphy ink, isn't?
  10. I know it seems presumptuous on my part but I couldn't leave out another favorite place- Glacier Bay Alaska so made a #2 entry. Actually I did make other versions of this entry, but will keep those in my secret subterranean storage vault, next to the saltines and fizzy water.
  11. Oh Gad the pressure of another deadline, How will I ever cope? Have Fun Sat. Pixey part 2---- OK because of my love of history and aircraft of all eras My favorite place would be with Lindbergh as he readied for his trans Atlantic crossing
  12. Oh YEA! I may be able to get my act corralled [note: Not together- yet] p.s. Good to see your still painting, very attractive.
  13. Thank You Seerose. coming from a talent like you, it means a lot.
  14. Pixey

    Do You think this would be suitable?


    As to the next SOTW#167  I thought a good one would be " Your Favorite  Place  Signature"

    Basically, you will make a signature based on your favorite, or a famous place.  For example:  The Eiffel Tower, 

    The Grand Canyon, The Great Barrier Reef, Hokitika Gorge , The Czars Place, 221B Baker Street, Calgary Stampede, Chichen-Itza, The Great Wall of China, Cliffs of Moher,Oresund bridge, Rosendal Palace, and so on  and so on.;)

    The only the limits are those as required by the Paint dot Net rules, for the places. This gives members a chance to explore their own country's places  or anyone else's. Wherever in the world where their interests take them.

    Think about it and get creative, you can feature a place(s) you admire.

    1. Scooter




      I'm such an idiot......I meant this to be a message not some darn status update......getsmileyCAC3L3QS.gif

  15. a re try' cause of a problem (I know its me, but don't worry I'll just flail alone on my own)
  16. hippiechos OK, good to know. It may be a matter (SOOO easy for me to say ) of getting the symbol to "sink" into the stone by rethinking the color of its edges the current very dark ones seem to be there to define only the symbol, not to indicate the "walls" of the stone surrounding it. Perhaps thinking of "cutting into the stone" the shape you want, achieve that; Then create the symbol "in the cut out portion." This could guide your choices of color and shadow and reflections (if any). Let us know of your progress, it IS an interesting problem.
  17. orbitingjupiter, Well Done . Nice "melding" of the text and the graphics. Show us more when you can. We are here to help, encourage, and give you honest critiques of your work. All with the goal of helping you become even more accomplished as an artist.
  18. Well thank you again for saving my balcony er ham er bacon! I am still having small issues with this new computer and getting all the electrons to line up and behave is like herding cats in a black room with a blind fold on. But I have faith that it will work out .......someday. Your a good friend to have; Thank you again for the life ring as I float down stream HAY! you darn spellll chequer gat back hear. and strayenten up.......... Dag nabitttt
  19. You show a great talent with your book covers. If I may, offer my own thoughts on your conundrum with the Sovereign cover. [Note: Please feel completely free to ignore any or all of the following. I only offer it in the hopes you will be less burdened and your husband can go back to sleep. ] Book three seems to be the only cover which has the stone background not "involved" with the rest of the element(s) (i.e. the "cracks showing through in book one, the cutouts of book two, the separation of sky from stone on book four.) With this book the "emblem" seems to be neither on the stone or above the stone, it's just there. Perhaps adding a shadow to show the emblem up over the stone or making the emblem seem more grounded with the stone/cracks slightly reflecting in the metal as it rests on the stone could make it seem more cohesive with the others. Remember, regardless of your decision, I really like your covers,
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