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  1. EER Along with Searose, I too wish you a Brew, for your fine work.
  2. You should, just before the time you select "Save As", already have Clicked on each layer with the "Merge Layer Down" button (On your Layers box) I hope the illustration will get you pointed in the right direction
  3. Looks almost like a high end broch set. NO I'm not showing this to my wife. She gets Plenty of jewelry ideas on her own-thank you. And I'm unanimous in that.-So there.
  4. Super! Searose; the sig blocks are both colourful and well done.
  5. that's 3.3528 meters, for our Continual Cousins
  6. bEPIK The wood effect is impressive. It has a "nearly looks like Walnut" look to it. I realize that this effort is a work in progress, but consider a longer "stroke" for the "wood grain" (as is, the "wood grain" looks too short or "chopped up" for all but some unique wood ). I realize I'm not very clear, but thought I'd give you my thoughts for your continuing efforts.
  7. ?Your mind....Oh, Sorry ....I get it now. Seriously, you do really great work, it is a pleasure to "see-rose" (aren't I clever?) Both your work and hers. Nap time!
  8. You guys have some very funny stuff. If I may add to your collection:
  9. seerose you do good work. very clever use of the tutorial
  10. Well it looks as if PB has realized that there are: 1) other sites out there that will work just fine. 2) not every body they have driven off with their high handed greedy business model is all that interested in them. 3) if they can salvage 10% of the ones that left that will net them a tidy sum, likely goes toward off setting the current losses in revenue. 4) I still don't like them anymore and am slowly with drawing all my pictures ( the process is laborious but I have the will to see it through-I think)
  11. Well I see my time is about up, but lovely way to see that. Well Done ???
  12. Well THAT is a tour de force .The emotion portrayed is very raw. Please give yourself a "gold star" , a bite of bonbon and a soothing cup of Chamomile. p.s. And don't let the unicorn tell you he's not been fed, there is dry food in his bowl.
  13. Seerose Very Nice, interesting designs, a nice combination of traditional and modern styles You get the prize in the contest I just had. Congratulations
  14. UH, Hello there, just got back to your planet and am greeted with : Wow! What a thing of beauty. Well Done LionsDragon
  15. Seerose a mesmerizing display of you incredible talent. So many incredible ideas, so creatively done. prost
  16. Poor Seerose, it must be hard to be so very polite as to not mention another's "slip of the keyboard" What a champion, and all round really good artist. Pixey: Lambo's are indeed a fine way to zoom and swoop about on the interstates. Sad you had to leave the Jag back in "jolly old." But to be honest, a good old American/Japanese SUV is a splendid way to "blend" into the local scene, as the hordes of autograph hunters would be such a bother.
  17. Pixey Once again a grand thing. The great idea of making an orange peel surface is inspired, ( were you aware that in painting cars that there is a condition, really, called "orange peel"? Though not as pronounced as your excellent example if you look closely at almost any modern car finish you can detect the "condition" under the clear coat. As a small aside, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche would be a wee bit miffed if he thought the Italians had absconded with his design and sports car from Germany. Nits an picks aside great job on the details of the car and the colors used. Very much like I would imagine you own personal car must look after a quick scrub and polish by you detail person then pulled round in to the clear Florida sunshine.
  18. Pixey First, my condolences for you loss. Second, a very huge Thank You for your hard work on the contests, all the while keeping up a impressive amount of PDN projects.
  19. You guys and gals crack me up. Great stuff A Small sample of the good things ....... Laughter
  20. I can see why you got a bit miffed at the computer for failing to do what you want. But it will all get sorted , I'm sure
  21. beep, beep TEK-KNOL- O GEE And last, in appreciation of nightnurse's hysterical entry above... Two blonde engineers were standing at the base of a flagpole, looking at its top. A red headed woman walked by and asked what they were doing. 'We're supposed to find the height of this flagpole,' said one, 'but we don't have a ladder.' The red headed woman took a wrench from her purse, loosened a couple of bolts, and laid the pole down on the ground. Then she took a tape measure from her pocketbook, took a measurement, and announced, 'Twenty one feet, six inches,' and walked away. One blonde engineer shook her head and laughed, 'A lot of good that does us. We ask for the height and she gives us the length.'
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